There Are Rules For A Reason

 So as some of you may or may not know, my son goes to a daycare in a church. Around these parts, most daycares are in churches. And like most churches, they have security systems in place due to idiots vandalizing and breaking in. I am not a regular attender of church but church has always upheld a sense of safety. I would think it would be the LAST place someone would really think to go break some windows or break in and take stuff. Even as a non-beleiver….it just seems so….sinful. Anywho, to get to the daycare there is a keypad for us to enter a code and opens the door for us. There is a sign directly above the keypad that is white with very bold, dark, black letters that says “Please do not allow your child to play with keypad”. The reasoning is simple. Kids can remember the code, especially those who enter the code all the time. Unfortunatley most kids are quite talkative. Ask them if they know the code and wahhhlahhh they tell you. Even when you tell them not to tell, they forget and do it anyway….most kids. You may have one or two prodigies out there that do heed your warning. The sad thing is, people know this and will target the talkative children. Anyone dumb enough to break into a church is going to be dumb enough to try and get a code from a child. ALOT of people seem to think this doesn’t happen….but the reality is, it does.

So this morning we get to the daycare and there is a woman and child ahead of us, said child is about 3. These are not new people. And the sign is very easy to see and actually would take effort to NOT see. The child proceeds to key in the code. My child whom hasn’t asked to do it in about 3 months decides to ask me. I answer “No baby, the sign says not to allow children to play with it”. I get a glare from the woman. Alex decides to point out the obvious “but he did it!”. And I reply with “Yes Alex but he wasn’t supposed to. We don’t break rules, do we?”. He answers with “No mama, rules get you time outs and spankings (the school hasn’t spanked him, on a rare occasion I have)”. By now the lady is fuming and trying desperatley hard to get her child to his class, which thankfully was not our class. We proceed on to our 20 min goodbyes (my girls were never like this, he has to hug and kiss and then eskimo kiss each of us at least 3 times). We leave and we see the woman racing off in her car quite obviously pissed off. I am not sure what it was she was angry about. Was it that I pointed out her teaching her child to break rules instead of setting them? I mean it won’t kill the child to learn s/he can’t play with every keypad in the world. Or was it that I did it in a passive aggressive manner (which honestly is so unlike me I almost had to pinch myself)? With her reaction, she knew the sign was there. Had she blown it all off with “Omg, I forgot all about this sign!” I wouldn’t have said anything more in front of her. Whatever the reason, we need to remember that while using any given moment to teach our children numbers and letter we also need to teach them to respect the rules in place.


~ by alegna75 on September 30, 2009.

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  1. Rules are set in place for a reason! It’s too bad that stupid people feel the need to break those rules…

  2. I’m guessing she knew she was in the wrong too… As much as it pains me to say this I’ve noticed if you try to teach your kids to follow rules & respect in the Church you end up offending others that dont follow them as closely. With us its food… At daycare that’s not an issue, but at Mass… I was taught never to eat during Mass (other than babies and milk). Its disrespectful. Now in the cry room over half the families bring snacks for their kids. So when I have to tell Kalila that she can’t have any and to wait until after Mass (I never get into it more than that) I tick off half the moms in there.

    • When I went to Mass it was rude….my how things have changed! I think that it’s the sad part of parenting. Even though we may disagree on how to do it, we seem to get most angry when we are caught not leading a good example.

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