Scrapbooking With Creative Memories

While at TypeAMom Conference, I got some pretty cool scrapbooking software from Creative Memories. I have never scrapbooked ever. But after seeing some of what could be done with this software I had to try it out. You can make story books, wallpapers for your pc, individual pages, whatever you want. You can use templates or create your own from scratch. Since I am a complete novice, I opted to try out their template. If your a scrapbooker considering going digital, I highly recommend Creative Moments software. It is EASY to use, even when your not familiar with the product. You can’t forget to save anything as it constantly asks (which admittedly gets annoying but is still a project saver considering I would be the one to forget to save something on my own) if you want to save what you have done. So enjoy my pages I made below. All I ask is be gentle, I am a scrapbook virgin!

Mother's Day 2008 - Page 001Mother's Day 2008 - Page 002Mother's Day 2008 - Page 003Mother's Day 2008 - Page 004


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  1. Wow – those are great pages! No need to apologize about being a beginner! I bet your kids love their page too. FYI – I occasionally print my new pages for the famil to enjoy and put them on the frig or on an “Everyday Display” (it’s a magnetic frame from Creative Memories). Glad to hear you are enjoying the software!

    • That is a neat idea! I may have to try that out! ANd thanks for the compliment, lol wasn’t too sure if I thought it was good just cause I made it or if it was really good.

  2. That’s cool! I’ve been using scrapblog to do mine…. I miss actually scrapbooking but no way I can keep up with the junk to do it now lol..

    • That was why I never got into scrapbooking, it just seemed too daunting. But this really made it easy. I am thinking I might make one for our wedding (since we never got those pics into an album) and order them in books. LOL got another addiction!

  3. Gods, it’s been ages since I last came here! Seems like I’ve been apologizing all the time lately for the same reason in deifferent blogs… *sigh* But now that I’m definitely (I hope) settled hre, I guess it will be simpler to follow the ones I care about, ncluding yours! I loved your scrapbook, I would never know it’s from a first-time! Sweet photos and a forever memoir! Kudos to you!

    Kisses from Nydia an the little witch. :o)

    • Aww hon! You don’t have to apologize! You are going through alot of changes right now and let’s be honest, I haven’t been a good stalker….err…blog sister here lately either lol. Just know that you are welcome to drop by anytime!

      And thanks for the compliments. I am going to work on some wedding pages since I have never had a wedding album before (I can order a book through the company when I upload my project to their site!).Wait til you see those pages!

  4. Hi! These are great pages! 🙂 You’d never know this was your first scrapbooking venture! You have fantastic photos to boot. How fun!! 🙂

    So glad you’re enjoying the software. Have fun!

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