My Official Recap of TypeAMom Conference

Since Kelby is a friend, I guess you could call me biased. EH WHO CARES!!! It went great! There were problems/issues to deal with, but you learn from those instances.  And we learned alot.

Thursday I opted to do  the blogger tour even though I can go to Biltmore Estate and NC Arboretum anytime that I want to. What can I say??? I adore being outside as much as possible (as it was, anytime I needed a break that’s where I was lol). It started out as a yucky, cloudy, and foggy day but fortunatley cleared up quite nicely once we got to the Estate. We were given a quick (it didnt feel so quick really) lecture on some of the things the Estate had done in one of the rooms opened this year. We even got to touch some of the silk and velvet fabrics reproduced for the room.  After that we split up into two groups and got a private tour. By this time the Estate got somewhat crowded. I had a hard time sticking with my group due to the throngs of people.  My type A personality didn’t like that! Oh, as a side note, if you visit and have children……ask the front desk about the scavenger hunt. It’s a great way to entertain the kids! Anywho we got moving and I learned a few things that I didn’t know, such as George Vanderbilt and his wife were both 6′ tall. Pretty dang  tall for that era! We continued on and I realized our group had obtained new members.  This irritated me because I know that there is an extra fee for a private tour. Maybe they didn’t know, but if they bought tickets at the ticket house……they knew.  I get irritated when people try to do that, it’s just not fair to the Estate. I ended up talking to an employee and mentioned it to her and she sneakily managed to get them seperated from our group. Shortly after our tour we had lunch over at the DeerPark Restaurant that is on the grounds. I have never eaten there and it was pretty good. Simple sandwich lunch, but it was yummy. We started heading to the Farm, but alot of us were getting tired. We convinced them to let us move on to the Arboretum. That is one of my favorite places. Lovely walk, great scenery, and the sun was out completely by then….which in turn made it difficult for some of the photog moms. While on our tour we hung out in one of the rooms with our guides who told us about their kid programs. The kids meanwhile were in awe of the tanks of turtles, lizards, and cockroaches. One woman even  put a cockroach on her head and let me snap a picture.


She was much braver than I! After the tour was done we headed back to the Crowne Plaza to register and hang out. For the rest of the evening I ran around moving stuff, checking on KidCon and whatever else kept Kelby from having to take care of it all.

Friday I got to check out several sessions while sitting in on a few sessions. I didn’t get to as much as I wanted but that is ok. That evening were the speaker dinners so I headed home for an early bed time. I DID get to watch the Dress Barn Fashion Show during breakfast, lots of fun and who knew Dress Barn had cool clothes? I always thought that a name with Barn in it meant frumpy stuff….how wrong I was!

Saturday morning was the Mom Market, which was cool. Moms with small businesses were there selling and showing off what they had to offer. One table was kikapaprika featuring eco-friendly clothes made from recycled water bottles. They gave away free shirts and I got one. I wore it Sunday and it is SO COMFY!!! While at my desk, kyle came up behind me and rubbed my shoulders. He loved touching it! I think I might get another shirt for Christmas lol! Saturday was a quieter day work wise for me. I really had more opportunity to hang out and see what goes on at a blogging conference.  I was also really starting to feel the effects of the conference too lol! It is ALOT of work. Saturday night we had a BBQ dinner featuring local made beer and Bilmore Wine. Unfortunatley I had to drive home which meant no wine for me (sobs). There were giveaways and Creative Memories put on a slideshow of pictures taken at the conference and used on their scrapbooking software. It was VERY impressive! I had gotten some of their free software they were giving away and it has encouraged me to really try it out. Scrapbooking has always seemed like a daunting task, but they make it look so easy with the software.  In between the giveaways several of us were outside chatting and it was the best time. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in awhile.  But with cleanup the next day, I headed home around 9 pm to rest up.

Sundays cleanup wasn’t too bad. We had to move alot of stuff, but it was not as much as when we setup. By 1 we were done and I was grateful. I came home, took a nap, then played with my kids who inquired if I had grabbed more Little Debbie cupcakes. Unfortunatley for them I did not, the rest were being donated.

Overall it was great. I look forward to next year. Kyle is even offering to help out. YAY! Maybe I won’t sweat as much lol! I want to personally thank all the sponsors for supporting the conference, all the speakers for their awesomeness, and the attendees for enjoying themselves. AND I want to thank the volunteers for KidCon, they did an excellent job of entertaining the kids!

Hopefully I will see YOU at Typeamom Conference 2010!


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  1. It was an AMAZING conference. My children loved KidCon so much they didn’t even notice when I checked on them. We missed the bus for the Biltmore tour, but we ended up driving ourselves. Turned out fine though – the kids never would have endured the day long activities. Sorry we missed those cockroaches though!

    • KidCon was awesome! I left my own kids at home with the hubs but next year we are going to let them use it. I really liked how they got people to come and entertain the kids, they just didn’t sit there staring at each other.

      Cockroaches *shiver*, I won’t be rushing to see those again lol.

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