Reflecting on the Conference

We cleaned everything up this morning and moved more boxes (AGAIN) to the office. I will be quite happy to never move a box again……or at least for another week lol. Despite all of tiring work, long days, sweat, achy muscles, and stress, I think it’s fair to claim the conference as a success. There were times where we questioned it or felt like our efforts were failing miserably. But looking back on it all, the happy sea of faces, and the laughter we shared, it was well worth it. We learned lessons and met our twitter/blogger sisters. The children woke up excited for another day of KidCon. All in all, it was wonderful!


P.S. I promise to write more later about it! I am just so tired I need time for the brain to be able to coherently make sentences 🙂


~ by alegna75 on September 27, 2009.

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