What is your goal for your blog?

Having attended a few sessions today at Typeamom Conference has been great. It has really reaffirmed for me on why I blog and what direction that I want to go in.

So my goal…..is to keep spewing out whatever random thoughts pop into my head. I have decided to stop checking stats. I am not going to compare myself to women who have a huge following. I am not them, I am simply me.  I don’t want to change my blogging style. I just don’t feel an urge to change anything. Actually, I take that back. I do want my own domain name. But to do that, I will need to change the name of the blog. I am hesitant to do that sort of change just because I don’t want to confuse the few blog sisters I have. But at some point I will and when it’s time I will do it. It’s the only real change I desire.

So, my question to anyone who is reading this…..What is your goal for your blog? Or Why do you blog? When you figure that out, focus on it. Stats don’t make someone a successful blogger. YOU being happy with your blog is what makes you successful.


~ by alegna75 on September 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “What is your goal for your blog?”

  1. I started mine just to let family & friends in on what’s going on in our lives and then ended up branching out to talk about subjects that are important to me – at least at the moment lol. Sometimes I use it to vent (although I do have another blog I do that on sometimes). Whatever…

    I’ve stopped looking at stats too… There’s no point. I know I don’t have a ton of followers and am cool with that. Sometimes I wish I got more comments because I think they can be the best part of a blog post… but oh well.

    • Me too! I would love it if people who stopped by would just even say “Hi!”. I like to interact with whomever is reading me so that I can get to know them and check and see if they have a blog too. I know I am a bad blogger sister that I don’t get to everyone’s blogs often, but when I do I leave a comment!

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