Religious Bigotry Alive & Well

Earlier this week I was going through my swag bag from Scarefest and decided to read this mag I got called Oracle 20/20. It was an interesting read….that is until I got to page 25. It had an article of an email the editor received. The article was a portion of a divorce decree finalized in July 2009. Here is a portion of that divorce decree:

In the Superior Court for the County of Henry
State of Georgia
Mark David Metz, Plaintiff
Lori Ann Metz, Defendant
Civil Action File Number 08CV3843A
Filed July 23, 2009
Judge Brian J. Amero

Page 5 States:
6. Plaintiff is awarded primary physical custody of the minor child, K********. Said child is not to be exposed to the Wiccan religion or the Nerissa Delacroix household and cannot live in a place where the Wiccan religion is practiced. Said child shall be encouraged to spend time with his brother and his mother.

7. Defendant is awarded primary physical custody of the minor child, J******. Said child is not to be exposed to the Wiccan religion or the Nerissa Delacroix household and cannot live in a place where the Wiccan religion is practiced.

8. Plaintiff shall have default decision making authority for non-emergency medical, education and extracurricular activities of the minor child J*********** so long as there is no overlap of Wiccan activities or the Wiccan religion. Defendant shall have default decision making authority for religion for the minor child J*******

Uhm…am I still in the USA? Was this country not founded on FREEDOM OF RELIGION???

Now you know that if this was a slam to Christianity this would be all over the news. So did the rules suddenly change to Freedom of Religion if you beleive in one certain religion? And Wicca is federally recognized as a religion in US. So how can a judge actually make such a ruling in this case? Now I can understand if DSS went into a home and found that the religion was being detrimental to a child’s health (ie emotional/physical/sexual abuse). But as far as my studies on this case have gone, DSS has yet to step foot in someone’s door to determine whether or not there is any such abuse. No, instead the biases of a judge and beleif in outright lies about the religion are being used to make such a ruling!

I am asking my brothers and sisters and any other person who supports Freedom of (and from) Religion to contact the Governor of Georgia and protest this kind of discrimination! If things happen like this repeatedly who knows what our country will be like in the future. It’s not true freedom when the government steps in under false pretenses.


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  1. This is such a shame to read about. What about all the overzealous Christians that hurt their kids? Think they get custody agreements like this? No. They don’t.

  2. Honestly I am shocked. I’ll admit there’s part of me, not being Wiccan, that would not want my children raised in it simply because its not what I believe (no offense meant seriously)… but if my husband was to convert for some reason he would have every right to teach them his beliefs as well… I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) stop that. It bothers me that they can do this… Is a scary slope they’re going down with that…

    • I can respect your position based on it not matching your beleif. This just doesn’t seem to be a result of difference of beleif. It looks more like one wants to control the other and has gone for the jugular using religion against another.

      It is a very scary slope! I would hate to see anyone’s religion used against them like this.

  3. I agree… He’s playing dirty. But religion is not something that should be allowed to be used in a divorce case when many parents tend to use whatever they can in the first place (I know my custody case got pretty ugly.. even as a kid you notice it). The judge should have seen it for what it was. And even if the guy sincerely was worried about them being exposed to the religion… The judge should have made him deal with it. The mama has every right to it and to teach it. My guess is the judge doesn’t know much about Wicca though and stereotypes worked against her.

  4. Good gosh, that’s ridiculous! If something is hurting the kids, it’s not the religion, it’s the parents! That doesn’t even seem to be the case here, either, though! What a freaking idiot judge!

  5. That’s horrible! I honestly can’t understand why some people are so intolerant of beliefs that differ from their own. I know if I were a mom getting divorced and that case was used against me I would take legal action for religious discriminaton.

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