Prepping for Mabon

So it looks like the jewelry show is off for this weekend. Everyone has plans. BOO! But…it’s got an upside. Saturday is Mabon Celebration with Mother Grove and the girls really want to go. Sometime on Saturday I am going to go grocery shopping. I have decided our feast for Mabon will be *drum roll*:

Turkey Pot Pie (Carrots and corn in it…homemade of course!)
Roasted Veggies (Broccoli, squash, zuchini)
Spinach & Mixed Green Salad
Apple Bread
Grape & Cranberry Salad

I might see about some crafts for the kids to do this weekend so we can decorate the house a bit more for Mabon and less for Samhain. Or at least the dinner table and altars lol.

Also…I have some left over Halloween fabric and black fleece so I am gonna work on some tote bags this weekend.

For those that celebrate Mabon, doing anything special?


~ by alegna75 on September 17, 2009.

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