Surprise Surprise

Ever since making my prayer beads my friend has been up my ass (in a very loving fellow jewelry maker sort of way) to start selling my stuff. And with recent events I really wanted to but it seemed like a big problem getting the overhead necessary. That was until I went through my jewelry stuff last night.

I spent 2 hours reorganizing my beads, tools, and other supplies. It’s amazing how messy things can get. I also found a TON of earrings that me and the girls had made, some keychain bling I made last week and I made a Harvest Bracelet last night. All in all  I have almost 30 items. So guess what??? I will be opening an Etsy shop VERY soon. For those not familiar with Etsy, it is a low cost website where people can sell their homemade wares. And don’t begin to think that your going to find an ashtray made by a 5 yo (unless of course they are a prodigy!), no there is alot of GREAT stuff on that site. In some ways I am intimidated because I am afraid I will be below par. But most everyone I know seems confident in the peices I create so I am going to go with it. It will probably be next week when I officially open. I need to take lots of pictures and measurements and all that hooplah. I don’t know that it will help the money issue. I am still looking for a night job. But if it takes off then maybe I won’t need to keep that night job for long!

For now it will feature what I have already got on hand. I will eventually add some prayer/meditation beads and homemade tealights & votives made from soy or beeswax. I may or may not offer some knitted scarves or something. We will see about that later lol!


~ by alegna75 on September 8, 2009.

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  1. Way to go….just remember they charge you every 6 mos to repost your pics….about 20c each so…not bad …plus your paypal charge. I am excited for you!!!!

  2. Oh it was me???? I have a sneaky idea ( maniacal laugh…hahahahaha) so call me when you get a chance.

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