Samhain (Halloween) Is Coming, Are You Ready?

My hubs showed just how much he loves me! With my trip to Egypt coming up I cannot really make any plans anymore to do fun stuff since all that money is going to the trip. So I already knew we couldn’t do a  Halloween Party. Christmas Party was sort of for same reasons but also because we aren’t going to be home this year. We are going to his aunt’s in Homestead FL. Which means no tree too. This makes me very sad. So he decided that not only should I have a Halloween party (especially since people have been asking) I should have a Christmas one as well so I can enjoy the holiday season since I can’t do my usual stuff. YAYYYYY!

So, the gears are already rolling on what I want to do for our Halloween party. I got the date picked, I found invite wording I like, and figured out what kind of ionvitation we are doing. Next is guest list. Then…..then I get to start making crafts. HEEE HEEE HEEE HEE!!!!!!!! We are currently looking for a mannequin to redo our mummy with. I am thinking about calling Sears and maybe Goody’s this weekend and see if they have some broken ones. I am also going to be making some shrunken heads, a Thing In A Jar, coffin boxes, and some witch & eyeball ornaments. I am hoping to do a How To Video for these things so that I can show others how to make them. I am sooooo ecstatic!

My birthday is Tuesday and I am seriously hoping that I get a nice big amazon gift certificate. I would love to get a Flip camcorder so that I can video things easier than with my webcam. Which isn’t all that great.  I can find the camcorders pretty cheap in comparison to what they are in stores…..but they are still more than what I can afford right now. So a gift certificate will help.

Ok, gotta get ready for work!


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  1. It’s awesome that you get to do a party! Two actually. xD Have fun preparing for them!

    And, early happy birthday!

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