3 Kids, Me, and a Bear….OH MY!

So camping trip was nice. Had to come back early since Mother Nature wasn’t content with me just enjoying her. NOooooooOOOoooo Mother Nature felt it was time that I received my monthly gift and like a dumbass I had NO supplies. Anywho……

Friday night was a bit rainy but we got through it. We eventually had a small fire going and some of us were sitting around it just enjoying the night. Kids were babbling to each other. I spent alot of time gazing at the fire. I always do that….it scares some people. Around 10-ish Alex, Claire and I ended up in bed for the night. Molly wanted to stay up with some others and I left her a light so she could get back to the tent safely. A little while later she came back. We all went back to sleep and at some point something woke me up. I could hear rustling around our tent. It didn’t sound big but of course I thought about the bear the Park Ranger had warned us about. And my first thought was, “Shit! The machete is in the car”. I started working out a plan on how I was going to punch the living crap out of the bear in the mouth if it decided to eat us (yea…no one said I was smart!).

The next morning one of our camping buds told us about seeing the bear. And Molly confirmed she had seen it too. Talk about scaring your mother to death! A cooler got left on a table towards the back of the pavilion, something that was going to be put up when everyone decided to go to bed. It actually bit the cooler and left a big hole in it. It proceeded to eat some of the contents. Apparently this bear was a connoisseur, it bit into some liver mush but decided not to eat it!

Anyway the rest of the time was uneventful as far as bear sightings go. I am sure it came back Sat night but we didn’t leave anything out for it so it musta starved. Poor thing!


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4 Responses to “3 Kids, Me, and a Bear….OH MY!”

  1. That would scare me! Even though I live surrounded by woods and people have talked about seeing bears I have never seen one myself. I wouldn’t know what to do.

    • It would be kinda cool to see one….BUT…you just never know what it’s gonna do. So I will stick to seeing them in zoo’s lol.

      They tell me he was on all 4’s and his head was above the table. He had knocked the cooler onto the ground so when they looked back that way he lifted his head and just stared. One woman told the last two kids (mine and one other) to go back to the tents and they just backed away real slow like. Had it been me, I woulda lost my bladder!

  2. That’s crazy! But makes for good memories and stories lol. My sister recently got in an accident with one, her bf was driving w/ her in the car & hit it… I didn’t even know we had them down there lol. The only big scary animal I’ve come in contact with was a panther as a kid.. It still makes me smile to tell that story lol. I’m sure your daughter will be the same way w/ her bear one 😀

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