Just wanted to say that in 4 hours we are leaving for our camping trip. We come back Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday hubs was trying to show me how to put up our tent. It was overcast and I commented we had to be fast before the storm hit. Well we got started. About halfway through the storm hit and hit hard. I mean we were drenched in a matter of minutes….like we jumped into a pool or something. Our tent has two peices. The main portion and it’s roof is made of screen. Then there is a top portion that covers the screening. Yea….we didn’t get that top part on in time. Our tent was full of water. Normally our storms are short and quick. It stopped just as soon as we got the top on so we worked to get all the water out that we could. Then we figured in a couple hours we could finish drying it out with a towel. Except. It started raining. Again. And this time it didn’t stop until sometime after midnight. Couldn’t leave it out there cause someone would steal it. SOoooo. We tore it down and tried to hang it up in the dining room where we had to continuously wipe up the water. Even this morning I was cleaning water up. And I might have to when I set it up today. Even funnier (and yes folks, this story is freaking hilarious) it is supposed to rain on and off ALL day long. So my luck will be another downpour while I am pitching this tent BY MYSELF! It’s not difficult to pitch…well unless your in the middle of a monsoon.

Anyway, that was my quick post “goodbye” and “have a great weekend”. Talk some more next week!


~ by alegna75 on August 21, 2009.

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  1. Have fun!

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