Irrational Fears

I have been going on camping trips since I was about 6 years old. With my family we roughed it in a cabin. Not a luxurious cabin either. Then again it wasn’t a crappy place falling apart. One place we used to always go was a cabin owned by a company my dad worked for. We had to use an outhouse. The only form of heat was a gas stove and fireplace. And it was the best place ever. Fast forward to about 6 years ago. A friend had never gone white water rafting and I convinced her to go with me. She convinced me it was time for “real” camping….via tent. She had been a girl scout troop leader and had gone camping with family a dozen times, she definetly knew what she was doing.

This weekend (Friday to Sunday) we are doing some “real” camping. With the SpiralScouts circle. Since there is no cabin with outlets, hubs can’t go. Well, I won’t let him go without his CPAP machine which must be plugged in. He wants to go but I would rather have him around for another day. So it’s just me and the 3 kids with a bunch of people that are acquaintances as opposed to friends and family. So now I have these fears. For instance, the camp website informs us we need to take extra caution to hide food from bears. I have seen bears at zoos. Nowhere else. Me and 3 kids and bears oh my!  Secondly, I can’t charge my phone and it has to be charged every day to every other day (depending on how often I use it). Can’t leave it in the car cause it will fry in the heat. Terrified to leave it in tent because someone might steal it or a bear crush it as he terrorizes our site looking for food while we are on a hike and how else can I call for help in a place that has no signal anyway? (I am taking it for driving out incase of accident or breakdown) AND I don’t know how to pitch the tent by myself, it’s been 4 years since we last went (ok this is silly though, I can get hubs to show me before we go).  ANDDDDDD Alex has never camped before and I know how scary it can be in the pitch dark of night…..oy I am not gonna sleep much. Then the worst fear of all…..I just know that I will forget everything I know about camping and appear like the village idiot.

Aren’t irrational fears fun?


~ by alegna75 on August 17, 2009.

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  1. Good luck with the camping! I’ve been camping plenty of times when I was little and it’s always a fun experience. Since I was little I don’t remember how to do much, though. I’d probably be in the same position as you. xD

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