Botanical Gardens & Riverside Cemetery

Alex was having rough time at daycare getting into trouble. So we implemented a reward system. We started out he got a treat if he could make it a whole day of no timeouts. After 2 days of that we went to all week. We also let him choose his treat. Normally you would think a kid would want to get candy or something but not our boy, he wanted to go walking in the woods. Since gas is low and money tight we started off at the Botanical Gardens.





After we walked up the river looking for fish, turtles, and frogs we hopped into the car and headed over to Riverside Cemetery. It’s a historical place that has lots of our famous citizens buried there such as Zebulon Vance, THomas Wolfe, and O’Henry. I guess others would think taking children to a cemetery might be gross or morbid….but uh this family is pretty gross and morbid.






The very next two tombstones caused me to crack up laughing. If you are a fan of the Pirates of the Carribean movies, you will totally understand why!




~ by alegna75 on August 16, 2009.

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