I Am Sorry!

I had decided to start all over at Youtube. I orginally got the account so I could comment on vids. Then since I started doing some vlogs it just didn’t seem like my sn fit right over. So I spent all morning deleting vids, deleting old account, creatinga  new account, editing vids in Windows Movie Maker and uploading them. So the two I posted yesterday do not work. I forgot all about putting them in my blog lol. Anyway I am really enjoying Windows Movie Maker. I have created my own logo for my vids. I have figured out how to add music to slideshows but I need to figure out how to cut the music into small clips. I also get into using the effects and adding title and credits. Well that is mostly for my slideshows. Speaking of I may link in a bit a slideshow I did of our day out earlier. We did the botanical gardens and a graveyard. Some people might think taking kids to the graveyard just to look at old ones might be weird….but they really got into it. They spent alot of time reading them trying to find the oldest ones (which are over 100 yrs old in this graveyard).


Ok Youtube wouldn’t allow audio. Soooooo……. I will have to do a pictorial post soon about our day.


~ by alegna75 on August 15, 2009.

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  1. I was wondering what happened lol.

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