10 is the new 13?

Call me weird but it seemed like I didn’t hit a “fashion craze” until I was about 13. I most certainly didn’t start wearing a bra until then. I had gotten my cycle at 9 so I was somewhat….girly…such an evil term. Here lately Molly is driving me nuts. She will be 10 in December. She is getting into stuff that I don’t remember getting excited about until much later.

Dancing: I had to find out at last night’s Grand Finale (for summer camp) that my child can do some hip hop dancing. Now, we dance around our house and it’s inevitably goofy dancing. On the off chance the kids pop in a bellydance dvd then it’s booty shaking time. But never have I seen my children do anything that would constitute as real dancing. Yet there she was, in front of 400 other people, doing some sort of krunk/happy feet stuff. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

Telephone/Cell Phone Dilemma: When I was ten I really didn’t call my friends up. We saw each other at school. I had a slew of neighbor kids to harass beat up play with. My girls don’t have that many, granted we are getting a few. However, since the summer has started I have found that Molly not only takes over my cell phone, she has given it out to friends to keep in touch with. UHM HELLO!!! MINE KIDDO!! So that brings me to a dilemma. Do I get her her own phone? It would be about $10 per month. I have an old phone that she can use. And we don’t get close to half of our minutes each month so I don’t know that I would have to buy a bigger plan. But dammit she is almost 10! But then again, she is getting a social life and payphones are a rarity if she gets into trouble. I would be comforted if she had a phone on hand at all times. But dammit she is almost 10! *sigh*

Growing up: When we were at the bank earlier they had a growth chart over in the “kiddie” section. At 9 yo the kid is 4’7″. Maybe that isn’t THAT tall but holy shit I was barely 4′ at her age!!! (I grew ALOT in my teenage years for those who have met me, for those that haven’t I am 5’9″). Neither my family or hubs family has “small” people but at this rate she will be 6′ in high school. After the bank we stopped at the store to pick up some stuff for dinner tonight. You know how if your freakishly tall kid is in front of you and you reach down (not really down that much!) for a hug with both arms down in front…yea you know what I mean, right? I think I felt breasts!!!! Seriously….I don’t know what to do. Dammit she is almost 10…..with boobs? Do I go run out and start buying bras? I really don’t want to yet, seriously!

Fashion-ista: Fashion has never been my forte. My closet consists of jeans and black tee shirts. Occasional other color shirts but usually dark. I can rock it in a dress if need be but it’s not too often. Work clothing is black pants and some dark short sleeved top. I am not completely clueless, I don’t buy anything that looks just too flat out weird for my kids or anything. Plaids are not worn with stripes. But I don’t concern myself with keeping up with what is “cool”. As a teen I tried but always failed miserably. I dressed more like the Rock of Love chicks back then. Unless uber-slutty is cool (and it so isn’t). Molly is now WATCHING fashion shows and begging me to take her out shopping more and more. I have agreed to hunt thrift shops for now (budget is just too tight!). Oh and yesterday at the Grand Finale she was rocking a sideways baseball cap (it actually looked cute on her). Daddy told her she was ghetto looking and the child took MAJOR offense and proclaimed that she looked awesome. When did this happen? When did my young 9yo start trying to be 16?

*sigh* I am fighting this tooth and nail. I didn’t expect to have a child grow this quickly. I guess I expected her to do things on my timeline and I had more time. I guess I have to admit, I am scared I am losing my first born baby.


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  1. Not to scare you, but my 10 year old is 5 foot tall and wears a bra. And she uhh (get ready for TMI) is getting hair. If you know what I mean. Yeah. It’s horrifying to me, lol!

    I read an article in the paper a while back, saying that more often than not, girls are hitting puberty very early these days. Nine years old is not unusual, 10 is about average.

    There’s lots of speculation that this is all about those hormones in the milk and that are used in meats and such. What a surprise. Pfft. We switched to organic milk and a lot of organic meats years ago, but it’s near impossible (unless you are just insane about it) to block kids from everything.

    • I have read stuff about the hormones effecting kids too! Only within the last 2 years have we become more health conscious. So it’s my fault LOL!

  2. Scary stuff… but… none of it surprises me either. I have neices around that age that are growing up way too fast… but when I look back we were actually doing a lot of that too. I ran up some ugly phone calls when I was a kid lol… was into fashion too, but mine tends to be.. mine lol. As a kid I loved seeing what was in style, but I took what I liked from it… still do for the most part.

    The dancing part made me laugh though.. That’s a big thing here. Kalila already knows how to move… and will be starting dance when she’s 4 or 5 and will be bellydancing for real by the time she’s a teen. It scares us (esp my husband lol) but we look forward to it too.

    I’ve heard of the whole hormone related thing too… One of the reasons we went to organic milk and try to keep to the meats too.

  3. I was 5’2″ when I was 10, but I slowed down and am now 5’6″ (at 30). I started developing breasts around that time too, but they didn’t do too much growing until a bit later. My cycle didn’t start until I was 12 and a half. However, research does show that our girls are developing at earlier ages. Our modern diet contributes a lot to that. As for the fashion and the cell phone thing, I’m with you. I wasn’t interested in yakking on the phone at that age, and I sure didn’t care about my clothes. I wore jeans and t-shirts. Maybe you could get her a cell phone that only has a few numbers programmed into it. Or, better yet, get her a pre-paid phone and have her pay for it with her allowance (which she can earn by doing chores around the house like I did, mwahahahaha!)

    • Oh if we do the phone thing she will definetly be paying for it! I am just gonna go ahead and talk to verizon on Monday about all the options and see what fits our budget best.

  4. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I have four kids but only one girl, and for some reason, the growing up thing scares me more with her than with my boys. She just turned 5 in June, but she’s already got two loose teeth. She starts Kindergarten in a week, and she may very well start it with one or two teeth missing. For some reason, this is boggling my mind. I didn’t lose my first tooth until Kindergarten was almost over, and my birthday was even a little earlier in the year than hers. So then I started wondering if maybe this is the beginning of a trend, and she might start puberty earlier, blah blah blah. All way too scary. Geeeez.

    As for me, I was 5′ 2″ in 7th grade, pretty much the shortest girl in my class, and then I never grew. Yep. 33 years old and still 5′ 2″. Oh well. 🙂

    • I have just one boy and I know I don’t want him to grow up but that is because he is the baby and it’s a sign of me getting old lol. But yea the girl growing up thing is scary. And I would equate that to I know what girls go through, ya know. Hubs is scared just cause he knows how boys think.

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