Zeitgeist Movie Equals Fuckheads

***WARNING*** This post will be full of foul languages and harsh emotions. I am absolutely in tears and you are being forewarned because I am so totally not holding back on this.


So I watched some of Zeitgeist movie. I am not providing links because it’s just disgusting and hypocritical. But before I get into that I am going to mention that I did not finish it all. I started over at Youtube, got frustrated with that part I was watching (Federal Reserve) and moved over to their main site so I can just watch it in it’s entirety. Pfft. Yea, didn’t happen. I  mean I started it but I stopped. Quickly. This movie came to me by several atheists I know online hounding me that I need to see it because it was “amazing” and “so factual”. Pfft.

The Hyprocritical Aspect: Ok so the main complaint I have heard from atheists, and let’s be honest it’s my main complaint as well, is that some Christians use scare tactics to try and get you to convert. The whole “you might as well beleive so you don’t spend an eternity in hell” attitude is pretty annoying. However. The fuckheads with Zeitgeist did the SAME FUCKING THING! Not only was the movie full of theories, a handful of facts, and outright lies, they totally fucking used scare tactics to “make people think”. BULL FUCKING SHIT! But….we will get to those scare tactics in a minute. There may have been some facts in there, but uh yea…not all of their claims of fact were facts. Face it people, taxation IS legal…the amendment WAS ratified. You don’t want to pay them, fine. But don’t come whining and crying and bitching when you get put in jail for it. Don’t like it, move. And some of their theory sure as hell sounded like they were trying to pass it off as fact. Isn’t that the same fucking complaint you had about some Christians? HUH? Yea, fuckers it was! What the fuck is that about? Oh and BTW…Horus MIGHT have been born Dec 25th. HOWEVER, there are stories were he was born in October and others he was born in November. And guess what ASSHOLES, he might have had an older sister (Bastet). Doesn’t that kind of ruin the whole virign birth theory? Yea…dont’ pass it off as fact! If your going to mention it you might as well be honest about it. Or did you not do your homework?

The Disgusting Aspect (aka, Scare Tactics): The absolute whole tone of the movie is “be scared that your government is screwing you, rise above the government, fucking blah blah blah”. I don’t handle this shit well. I certainly beleive the government hasn’t told us everything, sure as hell fucks us hard, and has made some serious mistakes (hey fuckheads, its run by humans whom are NOT FUCKING PERFECT!). But the intro is the absolute worse. I got the impression that religion was to blame for wars and humans being atrocious to each other. Yea, uh reality check….HUMANS WILL FUCKING FIGHT OVER ANYTHING EVEN WITHOUT RELIGION! Religion is a concept and is unable to actually cause anything. HUMANS…HUMANS are the ones who USE religion to fight. Get it straight fuckheads. Now, let’s get on those scare tactics. Oh you know what I mean…those lovely fucking pictures of children that have been blown to peices. Oh was that to “get our attention”? I am sorry…sure as hell looked like a fucking scare tactic to me! Or how about that lovely fucking video clip of a 4 yr old boy screaming in hysterics with his dead mother next to him. WHO FUCKING FILMS THAT SHIT? Seriously….who the fuck just stands there and thinks “aw hey this will make great footage, screw actually HELPING the kid I want to film it instead!” I will tell you who does that, SICK MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLES. And guess what? WHO THE FUCK USES THAT KIND OF FOOTAGE IN A MOVIE to “make people think”? I will tell you….SICK MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLES! Use some fucking intelligence instead of fucking scare tactics if you want to make people think.

Now excuse me while I mourn for that kid since no one else gave a flying fuck about him.


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  1. yeah I’ve seen that movie a few times. They definitely use the smack you in the face now sit up and listen type of scare tactics.

    • I don’t respond well to that kind of thing. Obviously.

      *sigh* I ended up just crying in my bed for a bit and felt better after that. So I am ok now, but I am not reading my own post cause I know it will set me off again. Poor hubs didn’t know what to do with me, I was an absolute wreck.

  2. I thought it was a bunch of horseshit too. Most of my Turkish friends think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. I wish I had the language skills to tell them they’re being morons and that the whole thing is entirely too one-sided, simplistic, and hypocritical. I watched a little bit of it, rolled my eyes, and moved on.

  3. That’s horrible. I hadn’t heard of it before…

    • I don’t recoomend it…obviously lol. I certainly wouldn’t advise watching it when small children are around. The entire 15 minute intro is nothing but horrid images and video of war and some soundbites about how religion is evil.

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