God Will Judge You

Been watching some coverage this morning on town hall meetings over the health care reform. And naturally….I got a few things to say about it.

First off, I am a HUGE proponent for freedom of speech. I don’t have to like what you say but you are free to say it. LOL, I get to respond though…just saying!

The biggest thing that I am seeing is that people are trying to be more disruptive as opposed to intelligently putting forth their point of view. I have to give credit to one guy….he did seriously try to state why he opposed the reform and he got booed to a point that he couldn’t speak. Not nice people! Just because he opposes doesn’t mean he can’t voice his concerns and opinions. Maybe he actually had something to say that could have been resolved quickly or something someone hasn’t thought of yet. So yea, totally NOT cool. On the other end of the spectrum are those that oppose and childishly start yelling and screaming. Did these people not learn that to get anywhere you need to act like an adult and speak??? I mean really…yelling gets you nowhere.

The one clip that really pissed me off was some guy was telling a Senator that “One day you will stand before God and He will judge you!”. Really? Wow, uhm so glad that you took time to inform someone of that! Seriously…this is why there is seperation of church and state. Who does that guy think he is…..Jesus? I kinda get the whole “witnessing” aspect but this guy used it like a last resort to get his way. There wasn’t any concern in his voice for this man’s soul, it was “Your pissing me off for not bending to my will so I am going to use a scare tactic to get my way”. I am sorry…..but you don’t get to use your religion against someone like that. This ain’t the fucking dark ages anymore! And enlighten me on how the abrahamic god is concerned about whether his bretheren are getting health care reform? Wouldn’t he have slightly more important things to worry about at this moment? And just to continue this rant…..why does it seem like people yell that at others only when they aren’t getting their way? Maybe I am generalizing but the only time it’s been yelled at me or any other time I see it happen is when people aren’t bending their will to the one yelling about God.

**ADD** here is the link to what I saw on GMA, you will need to scroll down to Jack Tapper On Town Hall Anger. Sadly it doesn’t include one gentleman who tried to speak and was booed by supporters. I think I saw that on my local news.

So, if your going to use your freedom of speech make sure you think before speaking. And then, expect people to respond. You don’t have to like how they respond, you just have to expect that they are exercising their rights.


~ by alegna75 on August 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “God Will Judge You”

  1. Wow I can’t believe someone would actually say that. You just don’t expect to hear some things some places, or at least you shouldn’t. Although I don’t really think that phrase should be yelled out period.

    • I saw it on GMA this morning. I should see if I can get a link. I was already getting frustrated with the amount of immaturity I was seeing but then that guy set me off. I don’t think the Senator handled it well either, he got real snippy and I can’t remember what he said to be honest. But it was a very volatile situation.

      What bugs me is that people knew this was Obama’s plan. Did they think he was just blowing hot air to get into office? I can’t say I agree 100% that it will be the best thing for everyone and it was actually one of the things I didn’t like about Obama. But he is in office, he is following his plan as he had stated he would. I hope that it all turns out for the best. I am not going to show up somewhere just to yell and scream over it, ya know?

  2. It is very frustrating to have a debate with someone or watch others debate and someone is just plain being rude and obnoxious because they do not have well thought out answers or knowledge of the subject so they try to bully the other person to just give up their point. … sad and yes very frustrating to watch.

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