Are You Going To TypeAMomCon?

I always hear about BlogHer and haven’t ever really thought about going. I have known people who have gone and had a blast but the idea of hanging around 200+ women is just a frightening thought. No offense to you ladies out there…it’s just my little emotional things that come up with the idea of being in a room full of women. Past experiences have left quite the mark, ya know?

However. My friend Kelby Carr of TypeAMom is the brains behind TypeAMomCon (I think I just beat my personal record of most links in one sentence!). I have volunteered to help out. I will probably sweat. Alot. But regardless of how much slave labor she puts me through….I am actually EXCITED about going. Whodda thunk it?? I just hope her hubs and his raging testosterone can help even things out with the estrogen. LOL, but seriously folks….I know a few people that are going but I would love to hear who else is going. Maybe your a blogger that I should be reading and haven’t come across yet? Maybe your a blogger I read ALL the time (coughcoughMichellecoughcough) and we can get drunk off of chocolate and margaritas?? So tell me…..ARE YOU GOING TO TYPEAMOMCON????? I want to stalk meet you.


~ by alegna75 on August 7, 2009.

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  1. I haven’t been tempted to go to any of these conventions yet. I guess mainly because most of the blogs I read are pagan, and I wouldn’t know who most of the people were, lol! Now is someone organizes PaganBloggerCon, I am so there!

    • Hm. Really? That’s an interesting idea…PaganBloggerCon. I might have to look into that.

      Truth be told…it’s convenient that TypeAMomCon is here in town lol.

  2. Nope… Can’t afford to go to any of them at this point. If it was closer then maybe..

  3. You know what I think. You have an email waiting for you hun. I’d love to go to TypeAMom Con….but unless I win the sisters contest I don’t think it will happen.

  4. not a mom, and therefore? not attending. đŸ™‚

  5. Ang help out with a mom event? oh my word. I miss you hot momma. THis seems to be the only way to talk to you now! I need someone equally pissy to chat with!!! miss you

    • LOL! I miss you too. I have found gmail has a chat option. And the SSI Board uses another website for chatting. Let me get the link and I will set up a Sat night chat thang.

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