The Dyslexia Scare

The boy and I sat down to write his name one night recently. He did pretty well. His A looked like an H but hey it was close! I noticed his E’s were all backwards. At the time I didn’t think too much about it. It seemed pretty normal and I know that Claire did the same when she started writing. My “scare” came when we did numbers. With the exception of “0” and “1” he wrote everything backwards. I tried not to make a big deal about it, just held his hand as I helped him get it right. But no matter what he kept doing it backwards.  Now, I have dyslexia. Moreso with my hearing, I totally hear things backwards and have to constantly re-affirm with people that what they said is what I heard. I do it sometimes when writing/typing/speaking. Moreso with numbers than letters. I do tend to check my writing alot before handing something in because I am anal about people not really knowing that I have this flaw. Egotistical, I know. My recently passed bro-in-law was also dyslexic, much more with reading and writing. It got to a point where he refused to read. I hate to sound cliche but I think it was Harry Potter that got him back into it. So knowing that there were two of us close in the bloodlines to the boy, I got scared. I know how difficult it can be and how frustrating it is. I don’t consider it suffering though. It’s just part of my life and has been for years.

This morning I spoke with the pre-k teachers on how he was doing with numbers and letters. I am now fairly certain the boy was just being a goofball and looking for some attention. All of their little tests he gives them he has passed with flying colors. I mean ALL. He is showing signs already of being beyond his peers (but I will wait for confirmation when he goes to K where they do more standardized testing). So WHEW! So far so good. I need to stop being such a nervous nelly with him. I have let too many people get to me with “Boys don’t excel academically like girls do, so don’t hold him up to high standards”. I say BS, he can be held to high standards…..why treat him different because he is a boy?


~ by alegna75 on August 6, 2009.

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  1. Wow, that would make anyone nervous! I have a cousin who is dislexic in both reading and sometimes writing. It is a struggle when the teachers refuse to help him out…

    It’s great that he’s doing well in school. That ‘boys don’t excel academically like girls do’ thing? Total BS. It has nothing to do with gender, just how motivated the kid is to do well.

    • I hope he is motivated LOL. He does love to sit and write with me. And he talks all the time about going to Kindergarten. I hope he can be excited this time next year when he starts lol.

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