Prayer Beads

prayer beads


I got this made the other night for the prayers to Isis I posted. I couldn’t fit the entire thing into the picture, every time I tried it got real grainy. I took this with my webcam lol. Anywho I incorporated the elements into my color scheme.  Starting with the right is Earth, then some clearish w/ gold flecked beads for Air, Fire, Water, and then the two large clear beads by the Ankh for Spirit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my beads! I have also suggested to our SpiralScouts circle that we get the kids to make their own. I have lots of supplies, but the kids are going to have to find their own pendants. I have a Khepera pendant laying around, since I am not wearing that Ankh anymore I guess I need to make me another necklace lol.


~ by alegna75 on August 5, 2009.

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  1. Oh, I have a set of prayer beads. They are made from amethyst stones and have a little goddess charm. I love them!

  2. They’re beautiful!

  3. Thanks! they inspired me to make my own 😀

    • I am so glad your going to make some! I think they are so easy and wonderful for meditation. My girls now want to make their own…we can’t wait!

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