Prayers to Isis!

Chapter 15, Book of the Dead

“Aset will embrace you in peace
she will drive away the opponent from your path,
Place your face to the West
that you may illumine the Two Lands with electrum
The sleepers have stood up to look at you,
breathing the air and seeing your face
like the rising of the sun-disk in its horizon,
Their hearts are pleased with what you have done.
To you belong eternity and everlastingness.”

The following is a rosary prayer to Isis. For those of the Catholic background this will look familiar. It has the setup of the Catholic rosary prayers but it has different intention of course. Just to clarify, rosary prayers were around before the Catholic Church existed. So please do not feel that this is meant as disrespect or some sort of blasphemy!

The Mysteries of Isis

The Joyful Mysteries

Birth of Isis
Children Help Isis in Her Search
Handmaidens find Isis
Isis finds and is given the Chest
Birth of Horus

The Sorrowful Mysteries

Birth of Set/Death of Nut
The Chest/Osiris’ Abduction
Isis’ Sorrowful Search for Osiris
Set Slays/Divides Osiris
Isis’ and Nephthys’ Sorrowful Search for Osiris

The Glorious Mysteries

Nut Conceives Isis
Isis attempts to make a prince immortal
The First Resurrection of Osiris
Restoration/Partial-Resurrection of Osiris
Isis Conceives Horus

The Luminous Mysteries

Five Extra Days given to Nut
Isis finds Wheat for making bread
Mercy on Set, Isis gives him Liberty
Transfiguration of Isis
Coronation in the Underworld

How to Pray the Isidorus

• Say the Roman Prayer to Isis.

• Say one Prayer of Awakening.

• Say three Hymns to Nut.

• Say one Daughter of the Nile.

• Announce one of the series of Mysteries (Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, or Luminous) to meditated on.

• Say one Prayer of Awakening after speaking of the first mystery.

• Say ten Holy Goddess Isis while meditating on the first mystery.

• Say one Because of Isis and one Prayer to Nephthys.

• Say one Prayer of Awakening after speaking of the second mystery, repeating the sequence until all
5 mysteries have been recited.

• Say one Hail Holy Queen and one O lady Isis on the medal, ending the recitation of the Isidorus.

• Say, if desired, one additional epilogue prayer, one Gentle Goddess.

Prayers of the Isidorus

Roman Prayer to Isis
By Apuleius

O Holy, Blessed Lady,
Constant comfort to humankind.
Whose beneficence and kindness nourish us all;
And whose care for those in trouble is as a loving Mother,
Who cares for all Her children – You are there when we call.
Stretching out Your hand to put aside that which is harmful to us,
Untangling the web of Fate in which we may be caught,
Even stopping the stars if they form a harmful pattern.
All other dieties, whether bountiful or merciless,
Do reverence to Thee.
It is Isis who rules the world; stamping out the powers of evil,
Arranging the stars to give us answers, causing the seasons to come and go.
Commanding the wind to move ships,
Giving the clouds to water the growing seeds,
So that we may have food.
If I had one thousand mouths,
And one thousand tongues within each,
Still I could not do justice to Your majesty.
Yet I will forever remember Your help in my time of need,
And I will keep Your Blessed, Sacred image,
Deep within my heart forever.

Prayer To Nepthys
Mistress of the house,
Lady of the tower,
Goddess of the temple,
Shrouded in mystery and sorrow,
Last born of the Gods of Heaven,
Twin of Isis, Comfort me,
Spread your wings like a golden kite,
Oh mistress of the dark and night,
Shelter me from the sorrow,
The sorrow you know more than any,
Comfort me with the comfort only you can give.
Blessed be.

Hymn to Nut
O Great One, Nut, who became Sky,
You are strong, you are mighty,
You fill every place with your beauty,
The whole earth is beneath you, you possess it!
As you enfold earth and all things in your arms,
So have you taken this Isis to you,
The Indestructible Star within you!

Prayer of Awakening
Awake, awake, awake,
Awake in peace,
Lady of peace,
Rest thou in peace,
Rise thou in beauty,
Goddess of Life
Beautiful in heaven.
Heaven is in peace
Earth is in peace
O Goddess,
Daughter of Nut
Daughter of Geb
Beloved of Osiris
Goddess rich in names!
All praise to You
All praise to You,
I adore You
I adore You
Lady Isis!

Daughter of the Nile
Mighty mother, Daughter of the Nile,
we rejoice as you join us with the rays of the sun.
Sacred sister, mother of magic,
we honor you, Lover of Osiris,
she who is mother of the universe itself.
Isis, who was and is and shall ever be
daughter of the earth and sky,
I honor you and sing your praises.
Glorious goddess of magic and light,
I open my heart to your mysteries.

Holy Goddess Isis,
Mother of all Beings,
Come to our hearts.
Grant us, Thy Children
Love and Joy.
Wisdom and Abundance
We offer Thee our loving care,
For all who are born of Thee.

Because of Isis
Because of Isis, there is a heaven.
Because of Isis, there is an earth.
Because of Isis, the wind blows on the desert.
Because of Isis, the sweet sun shines.
Because of Isis, the river floods in spring.
Because of Isis, the plants bear fruit.
Because of Isis, we live and grow strong.
Because of Isis, we have breath to give thanks.

Hail Holy Queen
Hail Holy Queen,
Our Love Eternal,
Goddess of Love,
Mother of all children,
Keeper of all time,
Look upon me, thy child
With love and compassion.
May the sands of time be turned that I may see,
That I may live in worlds before and beyond,
Show unto me that which I may see Your Glorious Face,
O Lady Isis, Grant me peace of mind so that I may hear Your quiet,
still voice so that I may enact Your Divine Will.
Reveal to me that which is true for me to know,
And steer me gently toward the Light,
In You loving eternal embrace, forever and ever.

O Lady Isis
O Lady Isis,
You who are all that is,
all that was and all that shall be,
whose veil no mortal has lifted
I honor and sing praises to you,
And thank you my Glorious goddess,
For opening my heart to your mysteries.

Ata Auwsat (So be it, Isis.)

Additional Epilogue Prayer
“Gentle Goddess, Great Mother, Sweet Sister, We thank you for being with us, and within us, For guiding our paths with Your wisdom, And for tempering our lessons with Your love. Know that you are ever loved by us also, as we worship You in the ancient ways. We who are Your children, thank You for having blessed us tonight.
As above so below,
So Mote It Be.”


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  1. Arg lost my reply lol.

    Anyways… was teasing you about using the wrong word. I’ll be nice this time 😀

    Seriously though… While people do call a string of beads in a particular order a rosary, technically “rosary” signifies the prayer that’s prayed on them. A set of beads that is used in prayer is a chaplet. There are many different kinds, a ton of saints ones (for instance St. Therese’s chaplet with 24 beads and her medal) and even another that uses a chaplet w/ the exact same set up as the Rosary called the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Random from former Catholic bookstore worker lol.

    Anyways, yes chaplets have been used by many religions both before and after Christianity. What I’m not sure about is the terminology for it when you spread it across religions (because I know others call it other things than we do).

    • lol…you be nice?

      Actually I had not known that there was a difference, I always thought chaplet and rosary were same exact thing. I guess it all depends on who you read and talk to.

      I actually made prayer beads tonight for the Holy Isidorus (the “rosary” prayer) but I won’t call them rosary beads. To me it would be confusing for someone if I used that terminology. The author of the prayers likes using the term rosary, lol.

      • Yeah, something I meant to say & should have, is that most people use them interchangably. I guess I even fall into that myself somewhat because I say I collect rosaries, or make them, sell them etc instead of getting more technical about it. But its the ones made for praying the rosary on that I call that… the few other chaplets I have I call chaplets lol. I’m mixed up I guess lol.

      • Lol….aren’t we all a little bit mixed up?

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