You know you’re a sister when…?

The bloggy sisterhood. It is a very special sisterhood, it has to be considering the circumstances. Few of us have that opportunity of meeting our bloggy sisters. Maybe we meet just one, maybe two…who knows? Regardless it is a special relationship that develops between the ladies online. I have a couple of people that I would consider a bloggy sister. These are people that are there no matter what. They see the ugly side (well everyone does in the blogosphere) and they don’t fault you for it. They are quick to be supportive because they know that maybe you feel alone. One of my bloggy sisters is actually more like my Twitter-sis (@MamaAnna!). If it’s a bad day I get a cheery virtual hug. If it’s a mediocre or great day I get a cheery virtual hug AND a good morning! She is the epitome of cheerfulness that would normally make me want to smack someone. But she is special. She has that way about her. She has the force. In short when I have no one in my real life to complain to, here she comes ready to suck the nastiness away and leave me smiling. She is infectitious and I don’t know why it took so long to meet her. My other bloggy sisters aren’t exactly that cheerful type but they by no means have that support system down. When I need to vent they let me do so and offer there support. It seems silly to do so when they are several hundred miles away, but I appreciate those small comments that let me know I am not alone.

Isn’t that what the blogosphere offers us mommy/women bloggers? I know that we vary on our intent for our blogs. But ultimatley we are craving that old connection with those who know our struggles. Gone are the days of the stay at home mom walking a few doors down to borrow a cup of milk and then maybe staying an hour to discuss our children/favorite laundry detergent/personal woes. We women still get together, just nowhere on the same level due to the fast-paced world we live in.  Many of us now work (even the SAHM!) and taking that time to meet and connect now seems daunting. With the blogosphere we can get to know someone on our time and we can push a sisterhood forward on our terms. We can make that connection and thrive on it without needing a person right before us.

You know you’re a sister when you care about those who you read about and read you. You know you’re a sister when you talk to your significant other about your bloggy sister like she REALLY is blood related. You know you’re a sister when you get concerned that they haven’t posted awhile and start to wonder if you should call. Thank the goddess for my sisters MrsBsConfessions, Newrose, SadieCass, MamaAnna and Typeamom!


~ by alegna75 on July 30, 2009.

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  1. This post is so sweet. And true! Blogging allows people to connect to others in a way they can’t in person anymore. I wish I could meet people like by blog buddies closer to where I live.

  2. 🙂 I can relate to this completely…

  3. awww shucks…thanks 🙂 … I agree 100% I blog me! my life! What I’m thinking or what is bugging me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE comments/input from others. I don’t have the time or the people around me all the time to be able to sit w/a cuppa and just chew the fat … so I’m thankful for all of my blogsisters and all that I learn from them and I love having the opportunity to build bonds with people from all corners of the earth!

    keep blogging! (((HUGS)))

  4. I think it’s just nice to know that people out there care and appreciate what wwe bring each other.

    Gah, this is turning into a real “Beaches” moment isn’t it?

  5. While I was at BlogHer, several people asked me ‘what I wanted for my blog’ and I didn’t have an answer. Instead, I reverted to what I wanted from my blog and you summed up my long winded answer perfectly; sisterhood – a community.

    Well said!

  6. I am just like better love me damn it no matter what! Lol…I miss chatting with you on FB and AOL…you took my Ang away. You would not believe I am considering getting a pedicure for a wedding in Oct. Yes its taking me this long to decide and to man up! I miss you.

    • You are above and beyond a bloggy sister!! I love you….can we move your city closer to mine? Please? Just cut out whats between and push it together?

      You better get that pedi!! You need it!! I miss you LOTS!

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