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Kyle and I further discussed my new idea for career change. Basically the plan is this. Get in on some projects this year to build up a network and references. By next May get hired to do event planning, the goal is at least once a month until November. Then I want to double or triple that. And go from there. By the time I get back from Egypt in 2011 I should (positive thinking here!) be completely changed over into my new career. I will be at TypeAMomCon this year (held right here in town!). Also got in touch with a fellow paranormal investigator about Phantom Con. Not so sure it’s still on but I am waiting to hear. If so I am gonna squirm myself in there lol. When we talked about this earlier Kyle just stared at me and said, “Man, do you work fast!”. Yea, that’s that whole planning mode thing going on.

So I said I needed your help. Well let’s just get to that shall we? I have some questions that I need answering. Simply put this is your way to communicate to me about event planning. Since I am going to be dealing with the public I need to know what your thinking. So please PLEASE link me to your friends in emails, blogs, tweets, and bulletins and get me LOTS of answers. Ok so are you ready? Here we go!

1. What do you think of when you hear the term “event planner”?

2. Have you ever considered hiring an event planner? If so, please state the type of event you were having.

3. Would you consider hiring an event planner for any event other than a wedding?

4. How much would you expect to pay an event planner? Please specify type of event if it correlates with what you would expect to pay.


I thank everyone in advance and look forward to lots and lots of answers!


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  1. I’ve never hired an event planner. I suppose I would consider hiring one for an event such as a book party (should I ever get anything published, that is). I’m not really sure what I would pay. I guess it would depend on the size of the event and what all it were to entail.

    When I think of “event planner”, I picture someone who is very organized. I have to admit, though, that Hollywood has shaped my perceptions and as a result I also have a picture of someone who could be somewhat anal retentive or micro-managing. Picture an older woman with a blond bob, an expensive scarf, and lots of expensive jewelry. *L*

    However, I think of someone who is organized and good at keeping everything in place and making sure the event goes flawlessly so everyone has an enjoyable time. I hope that helped at least a little bit.

    BTW, why are you headed to Egypt? I haven’t been there myself yet, but several of my friends have, for work and pleasure.

    • Well I am definitely anal retentive lol! And I love that image you came up with. Thanks for the input!

      And I am going to Egypt for pleasure. It’s one of those “must do before I die” type things. I am not dying or anything, just don’t want to wait until I have discovered something is wrong.

      • That’s awesome! I think you’ll have a great time in Egypt. Bear in mind that people in the more touristy areas can be really annoying, trying to get you to buy junk or just give them money. This is according to the friends of mine who went there this summer. We all currently live in Istanbul, which is another place I recommend you visit. It’s an amazing city!

  2. My bestie hired an event planner for her wedding. In some ways, it was a lifesaver- someone else to mind details and make phone calls and all that event planning stuff. There was friction, though. FRICTION.

    This girl was pushy. She tried to force bestie into placecards and assigned seating at the reception, and she tried to force staged buffet times so that everyone wouldn’t get in line to eat at the same time, and she was pushy about toasts that some bridal party members didn’t want to give.

    I think the biggest thing is that every event is different, and every client is different. In my friend’s case, for what she paid, this girl should have done EXACTLY what my friend wanted and not pushed her opinions.

    I would hire an event planner for any event that was bigger and more important than the time I had to devote to planning. My expectations might vary from “here’s a general theme and some important points for me, run with it” to “here is a description of *exactly* what I want, call me immediately with any questions”.

    The secret, I think is to be flexible, so you can offer your clients the level of service and price range they’re comfortable with.

  3. To me, an event planner is someone who’d do all the detailed dirty work that I wouldn’t wanna do. They’d be someone with connections to whatever services are needed… catering, music, etc.

    I’ve never hired one, but I’ve worked with the one my office hires every year for our conference. It’s basically a 3-day conference with sessions, a dinner, blah blah blah… She organizes all that, books the center, negotiates a group rate with the hotel, etc.

    I probably wouldn’t hire one for anything, but that’s only because I don’t have the money. 🙂

    I have no idea what an appropriate price would be, but I think our event planner probably gets paid around $10k (it’s a wild guess, but I think it’s a good one). She works with us on a weekly basis from January to about March/April and then daily or every two days leading up to the conference (end of May).

    Anyway, hope this helps!

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