The Joys of Back To School Shopping

Since our budget is always tight at this time of year, and moreso because of economy, I had to put new clothes on layaway for my girls for the school year. I wasn’t able to budget much for it, only $200 for both. Fortunatley I caught a pretty decent sale, shoes were Buy 1 Get 1 50% off and clothes were 30-40% off. Oh and I guess I should mention I opted for KMart since they are one of the few places that has layaways. Actually, Sears is my only other option and they don’t allow clearance on layaway & prices are too high for my budget.

First we started with shoes and that is when I learned two things. My daughters have become fashion experts and I apparently have NO fashion sense. Claire needed some flair…oh excuse me, bling. So she opted for some cute silver sparkly sneaks that she can wear with jeans or a dress.

claire silver sneaks 

And me being a mom and concerned about how long these shoes will last, I insisted she get some actual sneakers for gym class (which is sadly only once a week).

claire sneaks

I like them because they say “Magic” on the side. She likes them because they have Alex from Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place and they have pink. I thought for sure that maybe we wouldn’t do as much pink. But…well….you will see.
Molly was a bit different. First off the kid isn’t 10 yet and is now in a size 7 women’s. I don’t think my feet were that big at her age….and I have big feet (size 10)! She opted for a cute pair of  Joe Boxer black hi-tops featuring skulls on one side and a big rose on the tongue. I would include a picture butttttttttt the kmart site doesn’t feature those shoes. Her other option was a pair of simple flats in her favorite color, purple.

molly flats

Then we moved onto clothes. Oh yea, what fun was to be had! I pretty much let them run loose throughout the entire girl’s section. This is where I saw the diva-ness really start to peek around the proverbial corner. Claire began a rampage of anything pink being grabbed. She didn’t care what it was, it just had to have pink. Sadly she didn’t look at sizes and most went back. She finally settled on a couple things that I can only coin as “preppy”

claire setClaire tunic


Molly went to a completely different spectrum.

molly teeMolly Tunic

yes, she opted for a top that included a scarf & armbands! Both the girls also got two pairs of jeans each. I just didn’t bother getting pics because they weren’t anything special….just jeans.

We headed over to the fitting rooms and that is when the diva-ness came out full force….it was almost like being on set of The Exorcist. The lady asked me if we wanted one big room for them to share and Molly (who never talks to anyone she hasn’t known for at least 6 months) yells “NO! I want my own room!”. Both girls are rushing in giggling and excited. I am rubbing my head at the headache that began forming from stress and work and now shopping with the both of them at the same time. Next thing I know the place has turned into a runway. I got Molly yelling “OMG mom, I am like so cute in this” and Claire walking up and down the hallway striking poses that would make Cindy Crawford look like a complete wanna-be. Needless to say, the fitting room ladies were giggling at them and started even applauding Claire as she put on her fashion show. What really caused that moment of “who are you and where is my child” is when Molly….yea, Molly….starts walking up the makeshift runway tossing her hair off her shoulder.

We got home. They are both sad because they can’t have the clothes right away. I walk in the door. My son looks at me, “Momma, when are we going shopping for my kindergarten clothes?”. Thank the goddess that is not for another year!


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