Should I Make The Leap?

I have been at odds with my career here lately. I like my job. I love my job during tax season. The rest of the year it’s ok.  With my recent decision to go to Egypt, I find myself in planning mode. One thing I love to be in is planning mode. When I got married my husband had mentioned that I really should be a wedding planner. I have a knack for taking care of details, looking for my most affordable options, and I just thrive in that strenuous situation. At the time I said “HELL NO!”. Shortly after we were married I found myself in need of planning something. So I threw together a Christmas Party. It went off perfectly and we have had one every year since. Sadly we won’t have one this year. Last year I did my first Halloween Party and once again, it was perfect. I mean things go wrong but I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Alot of it has to do with my guests too, they love me and have fun anywhere.  At a school function earlier this year I overheard someone talking about my parties and how I threw the best ones. I couldn’t help but feel good about that…I didn’t want to let them know I heard though. Was afraid of sounding egotistical by gushing thank you’s. If that makes sense. In the last year anytime some sort of event comes up and there is planning involved, my friends look at me and let me handle it all. I don’t mind, I really didn’t notice it until recently. As soon as I decided I wanted to go to Egypt I have poured all over the internet looking up info on passports, culture of the Egyptians, how to learn arabic…you name it I have considered it. I don’t really have much planning that I can do with this sort of thing but I am definetly in the mood to plan something. So in the meantime I am going to talk to a guy who is planning a paranormal event and one of my gal pals who is planning a blogger convention. I want to get in on the planning process and get some details ironed out. I need this…I am absolutely craving the need to plan. And it all brought forth the idea that maybe it’s time I got into the planning business. My only problem is I am not sure what area to focus on. My hubs suggested travel agent. I can work from home with that. And it would be nice, add some flexibility in my life. I don’t really want to do weddings, too messy. Parties are a definite yes. I could organize dances, fundraisers or anything like that. I mean I have no experience before, but I know I could. So what do I do….plan whatever I can get someone to hire me to do? Start out in travel and expand? I don’t want to limit myself, but I don’t want to spread myself out so thin that I can’t get the work done.

This all brings me to my current job. For starters I don’t want to totally dissappear. I would still help with taxes but that is so time consuming, I might not have time for anything else. ANd I can’t walk away from planning for 5 months and think I can come jump back into it. And let’s discuss the fact that my boss is my father in law. First I would feel guilty as hell for walking out on him. Oh it wouldn’t be like that for real, just feel that way…ya  know? And then there is SpiralScouts. I just took on a position as Treasurer. I don’t want to leave them high and dry either. I will be letting them know soon if I decide to make this change (it will be gradual, still gotta feed kids!). I will basically say that I will stick with the position until May of next year. But I feel bad, they have been through so many treasurer’s and have even gone without one for awhile. I won’t leave if we can’t find a replacement. Kyle said he would do it if he didn’t have to be a member. That would make me feel better to be honest, I know he would do a good job. And my last problem is my personal feelings on career change. I am afraid of being a career bouncer. My father is like this. I love the man but he has jumped around various jobs in his lifetime. He has been a trucker for along time now, but he jumps around employers often (although this last one he has been with for awhile). I don’t want to be like this. I just want to do something I love. What if I get bored with my change?

So now that I have overthunk everything to death….I am gonna go. I will talk to Helen, the travel agent, when I meet her on Friday. I may start there. I dunno, we will see.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was in Egypt in 1998. A pretty amazing place. Cairo is insane – my advice, get out of the city fast and head to the Nile.

  2. Hey how very cool that you are coming here, but 2011 is a long way away girl! Keep in touch with me via email and anything you need, questions you have, places to see, etc. if I can help I’d be glad to!

    • It is a long time but it’s just the amount of time I need to gather the money together to come. I am actually setting up a group tour on Friday so that it won’t be as expensive for me.

  3. I actually went to a technical school right out of high school to become a travel agent. I still know most of the airport codes for all the major airlines around the world, lol! And I can name most of the capitol cities of major countries!

    At that time, where I lived, even with the schooling, I could not get a job at an agency without experience – the old catch 22 – can’t get experience without getting hired, can’t get hired without experience.

    I finally moved on to something else, because I got so discouraged.

    I’d say advertise yourself as a “planning specialist”, and list the types of things you would enjoy working on! I’d also start gathering pictures of any events that you’ve helped plan, and make a sort of portfolio, so you have something to show potential customers (if you haven’t already).

    Good luck!

    • Oh thank you for that advice! I wouldn’t mind planning trips but I don’t know that I want to be a travel agent per say lol. So I like your idea. And if I can get in on a few things this year I will get references and networking done all at once. Plus I got a photog friend whom I can probably talk into doing photos for me. Here I was this morning doubting myself but now I am all excited again!

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