Damned Electronics!

So I had problems yesterday getting my camera to work. Well I finally got it to work and took two takes of vlog entries because I couldn’t quit coughing in the first one. And since my LCD screen is busted, I can’t review them until I get them on the computer. So what do I discover….only that the lighting was so bad you couldn’t see me. And for some reason there is a clicking sound that takes over the entire video. Soooo for now, no vlogging. I think my camera is dead. I can’t get it to function. I was going to try to do it here in my office because lighting is brighter but the damn thing just won’t switch to video.  So to remedy it I am looking online at some Flip handhelds (used and new). I want to try and find something cheap that plugs right in and I can just upload videos without any hassle. So if anyone knows of someone selling one for around $50 – $75 (not including s&h) please let me know!

I have to say that I enjoyed at least videoing myself last night. I kinda felt like I was about to show a real person behind the words. Sadly, you all don’t get to see some things. I am working on gathering items for the giveaway. I got one book and some earrings as of right now. I found another book that I decided to read first. If I get done with it quickly enough I may give that one away too.

I am also very excited about Scarefest…just a couple more months away. I had emailed them the other day because they are doing “Undead” weddings. I thought that it would be neat for Kyle and I to renew our vows. Unfortunatley I got an email this morning that they won’t do it for us because we are already married. AND…they would renew our vows at a different time w/out the “undead” part added in. WTF? Why on earth would I want to do that…obviously I wanted the zombie aspect. And who the hell discriminates based on the fact that we are already married? I mean had they said they want to fit in all the unmarried persons in before us, THAT I could understand and would not have issue with. But to say “No, we won’t because your married” is BS! So I am excited about going and seeing stuff. But I dunno if I wanna go back. Like I got the email and it pissed me off so bad that I was ready to say eff off. But non-refundable means I lose money and I hate to lose money. But whatever, I will make the best of my time there.

Ok so I am off looking at cameras. I will update soon!


~ by alegna75 on June 28, 2009.

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