The Problem With Red Meat

Actually…..there is no problem. It’s been about a week since I last ate any red meat. My plan is to go to the end of July without eating red meat and see where I stand. I discovered today exactly where I stand, I am done with it. I went out to lunch with my father in law to our favorite place, La Carretta’s. They have Nachos Carretta which is nachos, beans, cheese, steak, shrimp, and chicken. It is absolutely divine! Plus for $8 it feeds us both. Usually we go through and make sure that we divide everything up equally. When I looked at the plate today I knew I couldn’t eat the steak. Not just cause of my goal….cause it didn’t look remotely appealing. Father in law offered to let me have all the chicken and split the shrimp but I passed on that and said just to dig in. As of lately my appetite is smaller and I didn’t end up eating that much.  I worked late and went to the grocery store on the way home. WHen I got to the meat case and looked over hamburger and roasts…oh gah I can’t explain the nauseating feeling I got. I just could not bring myself to buy it. So I stocked up on some chicken and fish. I dreaded coming home to explain to hubby why there was no roasts or anything. Hubs is a big meat eater and I don’t really want to impose my eating changes on him. So I prepped myself with a compromise of he could buy the red meat from here on out. When I first talked to him he rolled his eyes and started shaking his head going “oh my gah… meat never bothered you before!” Yea…uh Einstein…I haven’t been eating it either here lately.  Anyway once he got done teasing me (in that oh-so-loving way that makes me want to shoot him) he told me that it would be ok if we didn’t buy red meat anymore. As he put it, he can always get his red meat fix when we go out to lunch with his dad or when we go out with friends or family. WHEW!

So, it’s only a couple  weeks until next month. I have been thinking about my next step. Well. I am going to cut out chicken next month. I am also going to buy a new veggie or two each week and work at finding ways to make it so that I like it. AND…I am going to work on eating fruit everyday. Whether it be for breakfast or afternoon snack…I am going to do it. Because I am tough like that!


~ by alegna75 on June 23, 2009.

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  1. Wow! I’m impressed! I can’t imagine giving up burgers. I know I should, though.

    • Thank you!

      Sometimes I think “How am I going to make it all summer without grilling burgers and hot dogs?”. It just seems so wrong lol, but I can make black bean burgers and buy veggie dogs. I think that is the biggest challenge is the mental aspect of it. I am not sure that I will handle cutting out chicken or not…to be honest.

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