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Yesterday we had the memorial. I had gotten about 4 hrs of sleep before and had a bitch of a time getting cookies done. Managed to lose 2 doz so I went and bought a few more on the way out to the farm. Once we got there it was ok. I didn’t know most of the guests. Thankfully the family was there (hubs family is not a tenth of the size of my own lol) so I had some people to chat up with. When we got there the kids were wanting to pick cherries bad so we did that first. Not much had to be done so we were free to roam around and kill time. After picking cherries Molly and I got into a vicious game of War. The service was down by the pond, unfortunatley in the heat of the sun. My back was dripping with sweat. It was nice…a bit more Christian than I had expected (i never knew my bro-in-law to be religious in any way shape or form) but it gave the family closure and that was important. Afterwards it was chow time…I am amused at how funerals/memorial services always have a big meal afterwards. I am not sure why it amuses me…but it does.  I finally found a corner to hide in with hubs, one of his friends, bro-in-laws daughter (whom has decided to get to know the family…wohooo!) and said daughters mother. Good times! One thing I have to say is that I find at some services people talk about the deceased in a way that makes you wonder who they knew. So our little group talked about the real guy…no sugar coating at all. Some of it made you feel sad that he never understood life and some of it made you laugh your ass off. We left at around 6 and I was in bed by 9 and had no problems falling asleep. I was WORE out!

Today I gotta get house cleaned. We got some new (used…but new to us and in excellent condition) bedroom furniture and it’s all over the dining room…that I had just gotten organized and de-cluttered. So now I gotta get bedroom cleaned up, move old furniture out and new furniture in. Hubs decides to tell me this am that we might have dinner guests. Lovely. I can’t get all the furniture out of the bedroom by myself so I have to clean it up enough to move the new furniture in and get the rest of the house cleaned for company. Then tomorrow we will have to get out the old and put the new in.

At 5pm we have Summer Solstice Picnic to attend to, hosted by Mother Grove. Can’t wait. We are all going together as a family. The park has plenty of play area for kids so the shouldn’t get bored.  Ok so I have procrastinated enough….hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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