Power Companies Are Idiots

So we had a really nasty storm earlier. Caused 4 trees to fall over about  a block from the park the girls are at for summer camp. Kyle had gone to get them and he couldn’t get around the tree. So he and another neighbor dude started hacking up the tree and moving it. They got it to where a car can fit through. Well he went to start up his car and it wouldn’t start…battery issues. So he calls me and asks me to come over there and bring the tools. OK. Get on the main strip (Patton Ave for the lcoals) and all power is out. We are at the end of the strip (sort of…more  or less end of the cruising strip) and we have no power. So I meet them, get car fixed, pick up girls. Since no power means no cooking….we go out to eat in another section of town that had no issues. We lost power at around 4:30ish.  So we get back home and my phone has died. I decide I should go to office and charge my phone. I check the outage map. Interestingly it says that we lost our power at 6:30 (yea my kids have to be picked up before 5:30 and I drive right through our neighborhood…it was no fucking 6:30!). It says that our power will be back on at 9:45. GREAT!! It was 9:15 when I checked the map. I goof around and go home. At 11pm we have NO electricity. The only number I find doesn’t give me a fucking human being (I am now at a point where I no longer wish to deal with companies that do not employ someone to answer customer calls, I don’t even care if they hire a foreign person!). So here I am. With no fucking electricity…got a dam Memorial Service tomorrow, my clothes for said service are sitting in the fucking washer still, and I have got to bake cookies for the dam Memorial Service THAT IS TOMORROW! On top of it all….Kyle cannot use his CPAP machine without plugging the fucking thing in!

So. It’s midnight. I am back in my office again. I am drying the clothes from the washer. I get back online and check the outage map. Now it says we will get our power back at 1:45 am. But wait…it gets better. According to their site they choose areas that have hospitals, police stations, and fire stations as their first priorities. At the end of my street is a police station and a fire station right next store. Guess what? THEY DON’T HAVE FUCKING POWER. But wait….it still gets better. The Post Office around the block…………IT HAS FUCKING POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*disclaimer: I am usually pretty patient when it comes to natural disasters. However, I am very hot and sticky. I am PMSY. I have been bleeding like a stuck pig and want nothing more than to take a hot shower and feel clean. I want my kids clean. I want my husband to be able to go to sleep and wake up in the morning because he can use his CPAP machine. I understand that things happen and it takes them longer than usual. But at 9:15 you pretty much know you can’t get to my area in 30 min…so the site should be updated alot sooner than that. And on top of that…..GET SOME FUCKING HUMANS ON THE FUCKING PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by alegna75 on June 18, 2009.

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