Toxic Bodies

I have been interested in herbology a bit lately. I want to learn about them so I can make my own home remedies for colds and whatnot. Well I was on youtube poking around and started looking at vids and well….paranoia has set in. Ever been in the doc’s office and started reading material and then pre-diagnosed yourself before doc saw you? Like one time I went in for a mole check (i have over 50 on my bod) and was reading on melanoma and was in tears (I was also preg at the time) convinced I had cancer. Well…I sorta did the same thing. I have calmed down since then but I am determined that I need to refocus on things.

I have been focused on my weight. Ok, rightfully so. I am not obese but I am not at a healthy weight either. And while South Beach has been wonderful but having to restart the detox period when I screw up (or have illness that causes me to go off) makes it difficult to want to do it. And focusing on my weight makes things difficult. I can be quite a bitch when things aren’t happening on my schedule (that is something i need to work on anyway). So after watching and reading stuff on how toxic some things are that I eat….I feel like I am being urged and prodded to change some ways. Mostly I think it’s time to cut red meat way down and eventually totally out. Chicken I am on the fence with, mostly cause (1) it’s expensive and (2) I can find it organic at one health food store and it’s even more expensive. Ground Turkey isn’t cheap but it’s more affordable at the health food store so I will be doing that. Fish is a definite inclusion to my diet. I have always loved seafood (growing up by the bay) and since I can’t give up meat just yet…I will include that more often in place of my red meat. Veggies I need to work on. I like raw spinach and french cut green beans. That is pretty much it. Yea….really need to work on that. A friend of mine (who knows i love mexican) asked me how I was going to live without my weekly taco night. I am thinking black beans will work nicely as a replacement. Then she asked about how I was going to handle a burger craving. Let’s face it, I will cut it and then want it. HA! I know what I already like….veggie burgers! Yea, Boca Burgers are my favorite but Morningstar makes a few I like so that will be the route I go. So…I think I can do this. And eventually maybe I will go totally vegetarian.

It’s funny but as I progress in my spirituality the more I feel drawn to this change. Some of it is just this urge to take care of me in a more natural way. Some of it is to be good to me. I don’t want to be checking the scales weekly and wondering if I lost another pound. I just wanna feel good and not so tired. I want to be able to keep up with my hectic lifestyle. So we shall see. I plan next Monday (grocery shopping day) to hit the health food store and buy all our weekly groceries there. We have some organic stuff at the regular store I go to but alot of it isn’t that healthy if you read the label. And they advertise that the veggies are locally grown. Last I checked I don’t live in TN. I would rather go to the health food store where I know I can find healthy food and locally grown (as in Western North Carolina Mr. Ingle!).

We shall see how it goes.


~ by alegna75 on June 16, 2009.

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