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Had a pretty good time at inlaws last night. Kyle got a few things that belonged to his brother. A painting of Sean’s name done in snakes (I think), a terra cotta warrior, and some fishing gear. The cherry tree is coming in nicely and the kids were itching to pick some cherries. Unfortunatley, they aren’t quite ripe yet. When they are we will go let the kids pick them. I am hoping to convince them not to eat them all so I can make some Cherry Preserves. MMMMM, I am not a huge fan of cherries but it sounds good anyway.

We took the kids fourwheeling in the Gator. LOL the only one totally freaked was Molly. Afterwards she was ok, she said she would totally do it again. We had wings for dinner and then ice cream. After that it was getting dark so the kids went out by the llama pasture chasing fireflies. Or as Alex calls them “light up butterflies”. Then we packed up, i went to work and everyone else went home.

This morning when I got up I saw the last Grape Smirnoff Ice bottle on the table. HMMMM. Let me backtrack for a second. Hubs and I are not big drinkers. I get a 6-pack of hard lemonade and it’s in the fridge for a bare minimum of 6 months before totally gone. I drink just a couple times a year, hubs might drink once a year….might. Saturday he had 2.5 bottles of hard cranberry lemonade (the half was mine that he finished for me). Last night he had a budweiser at his parents, then the last grape smirnoff ice after he put kids to bed. It is causing me to worry. Now, he isn’t falling down drunk or anything. He has yet to acheive a buzz either. But he is grieving and I know how great things can feel like they are when your self medicating. So we talked this morning. He says he is ok, it was just an urge that struck him. I told him I hadn’t planned on buying any more lately (he told me saturday we should keep some of the hard cranberry lemonades in the house) and he said “ok, i am cool with that”.  He also said that until he went out buying it, not to worry. I will try not to. He is struggling with another aspect to his bro’s death……his nephew whom Sean decided was dead to him. It’s a big huge ordeal and it’s so convuluded I can’t even begin to go into it here. In short his nephew is a drug addict like his father was, and both of them were downright hateful to each other. His nephew is currently incarcerated and Kyle had written him off (not in the “your dead to me ” sort of way). Now he doesn’t think he can do that and I think he is struggling on what to do now.

Anyway, i am rambling and really should get some work done. I won’t be in Friday due to memorial service being that day. I have been asked to bring some cookies that I make at Christmas that Sean really liked. So i will be doing that in the next couple days. Ok…seriously….getting out of here now…I mean it….I am going…….


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