Sunday Bloody Sunday

My day isn’t bloody…just listening to a little U2 trying to get myself pumped up for more organizational work. I got my dining room totally finished yesterday.  Hubs came to inspect what he had left in books and I think he was surprised. I honestly didn’t get rid of that many. I got rid of more of my books than anyone else’s. Anywho the living room needs to be worked on. I swear….you never realize how much of a pack rat you are until you go through your house trying to cleanse it. Seriously!

Trying to decide if I am going to church today or not. Kinda want to but eh. I have to say, it’s what I love about UU. I don’t feel guilty for not going. But anyhow, need to check the closet and see if I have anything nice to wear. If so then I will go. Today at around 2 we are going to my inlaws farm. They are cleaning up for the memorial service and we are going to go help them. As long as I don’t have to get near the llama’s I am good. Those things creep me out. They have no sense of personal space AT ALL.  I am very sensitive to how close something is to me when I meet it…and even after I meet it I still don’t like most people getting within 6 inches of me (hubs and kids are the exception of course!). Their llamas will walk up until they are touching your nose with theirs. It’s a bit intimidating. The goats they have are pretty ok. The ornery ones have died so I am ok with the last two big ones. The little goats are my favorite. When it comes to farm animals I am a total city girl (born and raised in the city!) so my mother in law was a bit shocked that I was ok with little goats. I explained that they were small enough that I can kick them a pretty decent distance away from me if they went on the attack. She wasn’t amused.

I have been looking at houses here lately. Driving hubs up the wall too lol. I keep telling him that as I long as i keep looking at them it will keep me motivated. Last night we talked about taking the kids to see the new Transformers movie. I am all about waiting until it hits the Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company. I want to go there because we can eat a pizza, sit at an actual table, watch the movie, and it’s all for $3 a person (not including pizza)! However, hubs has gotten a taste for our newest theater (featuring stadium seating….finally!) and he would rather go there (that will be $40 just to get in the door for a family of 5).  He tells me that with my choice of waiting for cheaper movie that I am depriving myself and I will get discouraged then change my mind. Yea. Uhm. No. I would rather spend $40 on food AND tickets instead of just tickets. We shall see though. He has a horse show coming up and he gets $600 for working that. Knowing him he will insist on the expensive place.

Last night I had a very reminiscent of my own childhood. The kids had found some old boxes of sparklers from our wedding (in 2006 lol). So they started begging to go out and play with them. Since we had a ton I said they could do a few and save the rest for the 4th of July. So I grabbed a Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade (my dad woulda grabbed a Bud) and we went out for them to play. After the sparklers were done I sat and watched them chasing fireflies. When I was a kid we put them in mayo jars and then brought them inside to light up our rooms overnight and they always died overnight . I can’t do that anymore , it just seems wrong to kill them when they are trying hard to procreate. So I insisted they do the catch and release method. Anyway, it wasn’t too hot. We did have alot of misquitoes biting me. But it was just nice to sip my drink and watch my kids carry on certain traditions.

Well, I am gonna go and check on my clothes situation…then make a decision for church or cleaning. Talk to you all soon!

P.S. I have emailed two companies that I have bought some stuff from, in hopes they may donate a small item for blogoversary giveaway. Let’s cross our fingers they want to join in on the fun!!!!


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