A Whole Lotta Nothing

Lazy days are awesome. I have about 50million and one things to do but I am taking my time. We might go out to my sister in laws home today. If not hubs is wanting to go to his parent’s house. He has this urge to be out of the house and amongst family. Not sure if it’s due to the grieving process or avoidance of a honey-do list. I have banned tv for a week in our home. I got so frustrated trying to organize/clean my home and having children destroy it. I have been “cleaning” my dining room for almost 2 weeks now because I have yet to make progress. Whenever I am not here hubs lets them watch tv and ignore the chores. I got so fed up (and honestly I have been pushing to ditch the tv altogether) that I have pulled the plug and none of them can watch tv. The minute “I am bored” comes out of a mouth (and that took all of 5 minutes yesterday) I give them a chore. So far today I haven’t heard it because they are finding ways to entertain themselves.  And now that I have read all I have written…let me clarify that my kids have their specific chores to do, its just our house is so cluttered and I am trying to cleanse it and make it a much happier place.

I never really noticed the negativity and chaos associated with a cluttered home. I am a pack-rat. I have a bunch of stuff that I look at once and forget about. I am horrible at organizing things. Hubs has a book collection that could rival with the library in Biltmore Estate. And he has this “thing” that he can’t dispose of books. Newsflash for him, some of these books are going to be sold in a yard sale. I have fought with him for years about the books. We have one bookshelf that is so full the shelves are bowing from the weight! He has been wanting an e-book reader bad. I can’t promise he gets one this year but I will try to get him one by next year. In meantime I am writing down the books that are going (and if they don’t sell, off to goodwill they go) and I will replace them onto his reader. And I suddenly feel like I am rambling lol. My point was that I should have known that the clutter was causing negativity and chaos in the home. Even though the dining room isn’t done, it feels so much better in there than anywhere else.

Blogoversary – I have decided to contact a couple people and see if I can get some small thing donated. I have a book that somehow I acquired two of so that will be one item. I may or may not make something or maybe put up some earrings that I have already made for grabs. I would like to do at least one item a week in July, to celebrate the entire month. I need to figure out how I am going to work that out considering we have a camping trip coming up with Spiral Scouts. Don’t want to close a giveaway on a Sunday if I won’t be there, kwim? Hopefully I will know something in a couple weeks.

Well….I think I will play a bit of pogo then start finishing the dining room (that must be done today!). Then maybe write a bit. Then start another room. Hmmm, doesn’t sound lazy but if I break it up it will feel like it is and I am accomplishing more.


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