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So I have been struck by the urge to buy a house. Now……we are in NO position of being able to buy a house. Credit sucks, we got some serious debt to take care of, it’s just not feasible. But I would really like to have a house. I am tired of renting. So I am on a very strict budget so that maybe I can get what I want.

I was sitting here panicking because there is so much on my amazon wish list. And I found a wonderful site this evening….by accident. Scribd offers thousands of documents and ebooks for free. Some things you may have to pay for but I was able to find some really good stuff to download free. You do have to register but it only takes a minute or two.  Wohooo! I didn’t find everything on my wishlist and that is ok. I tend to ask for gift certificates with amazon for birthdays and christmas so I can get stuff off of my list.

So this led me to thinking about my book of shadows. I really want one that is handmade but oy they are so expensive! I found some yesterday of around $200. So I got to thinking about it and wondered if I could make some on my own. I googled and sure enough I found a tutorial. Now some money will have to be spent on supplies but I think I can ask for them for my birthday in September. And in meantime I can pick up something here and there with just a bit of my gas money. I get coupons for the craft shops and that always helps. I am pretty excited about it, I really want to make this and it doesn’t seem too hard.

Onto some sadder news. My half uncle’s estranged wife passed away. Her funeral was today and it was held in Maryland. I never met her so I didn’t attend (well that and i just found out today). Several other people are ill and not expected to make it much longer. We know people with anywhere from 2 weeks to live to 5 years (hopefully for the longer life spans technology will change). We seriously need a break from death….seriously. You know what though….I am not going to think about it. I am going to think about the house that I will own that has the porch I want, the space I want, and a cat….I want an effing cat!


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  1. Have you checked into what’s available right now in housing? Right now it’s truly a buyers market. I supposed a lot depends on where you live, as well, though. When Mr. B. and I first got married, in the area we lived, it was actually cheaper to make a house payment than to rent, lol! But it was a military town, set on charging GIs scads of money for rentals.

    I’d check into it, closely, though. Sad as it is, there are a lot of foreclosures these days, going pretty cheaply.

    • I did talk to a few friends of ours that are Realtors. Basically we have a problem because we have no savings whatsoever, we are currently living paycheck to paycheck. We might be able to swing getting a loan and getting ourselves a house but I would rather do it when we have a few months worth of mortgage payments saved up so that in case anything happens we won’t be that bad off. I don’t want to do this the wrong way.. ya know? I really want to do this right…which would be a first for me lol.

  2. A BOS on Scribd. I’m whoelsetoo on there!

  3. Yay for free stuff! As someone who is being smushed flat under her mortgage payment, I can tell you that you’re doing the right thing by waiting. I wouldn’t trade my house for all the world- if I get to keep it…

    I have four cats. They aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. 🙂

    No cats allowed in the rental?

    • Ugh at financial woes!

      If we get a cat we get one, cause we already have a dog. No cats allowed because landowner thinks they are stinky. Our dog ironically doesn’t smell very doggish. If it wasn’t for her shedding (and being outside barking at people, and attacking everyone for a few minutes of love) most people wouldn’t realize we had her.

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