Solving A “Green” Issue

So we have been working at being greener in our household. Still need to change a few things  but overall we are doing well. My failure to remember to grab our grocery bags have been solved for the most part. After a trip to the store, hubs helps me unload everything and he takes all the bags out to the car. The only time I forget now is after I have run them through the wash. Which I am doing today…so hopefully this will stick in my mind and I remember to shove them in the car. I am finding a new issue to my grocery bags. I have cloth bags. Whenever I buy meat they leak all over the bags. I don’t mind washing them each week BUT it gets real messy everywhere. So the bagger dude has started wrapping my meats up in plastic bags. GRRRR, now i am using plastic bags again after I bought cloth bags so that I wouldn’t use the plastic ones. I haven’t found any ‘meat’ bags or anything. So I am pleading for someone who has a solution to comment. I would love to be able to completely rid myself of the plastic bags. THANK YOU!


~ by alegna75 on June 6, 2009.

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  1. I use insulated thermal bags for any meats that I might happen to purchase at the supermarket. These are lined with a reflective service and usually keep any potential mess contained. Most supermarkets sell thermal reusable bags now for a couple of dollars or you can find them at a site like Otherwise who is to say that your bag has to be a bag. When you’re going to buy meat you can always use a small ice chest to hold it (and keep it cold) until you get home.

    • I will check that site. I haven’t seen the bags you described in our store but I have seen them before so I think I can find them. Good idea on ice chest, I have a small one that I can use for now.

  2. I’ve never had meat leak, but half the baggers do that to us too. My favourite was at a convienence store I specifically told them I didn’t need the plastic bag (for soda and candy lol), looked down to do my debit, picked up my bag… got home to find they’d put everything in a plastic bag anyway and then in mine. :-/

    If you find a solution please let me know… We save the few plastic ones we get and take em back to HEB’s recycling bin though… So I don’t feel as bad about it. I want to get the produce bags next though!

  3. I use the heavy plastic reusable bags that can just be wiped out with a little vinegar solution. I also like them better than the cloth bags because I’ve had a lot of issues with the cloth ones shrinking when I’ve washed them.

    • I am definetly hunting down the heavy plastic ones. I have had a couple appear to have shrunk (hubs says no but I am pretty sure they shrunk) and one of mine has ripped in the wash.

      Shouldn’t going green be easier than this? lol!

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