MTV Gained My Love Back, Just For A Minute

I haven’t watched MTV in years. I remember the very first day it aired. Once they started all the shows and avoiding music videos (and its Music TeleVision?) I stopped because it just flat out sucked. But last night, they gained my love for just a minute.

Let me go back to the other night when I saw Drag Me To Hell. We were watching the preview (I love previews!) and Sacha Baron Cohen has a new one coming out called Bruno . It’s a spinoff of Borat, which I was never interested in seeing. But Bruno looks pretty dam funny. Or maybe I just enjoy spoof gay comedy, I dunno. Anywho last night I found myself with nothing to watch and no laptop to cruise the internet with. Oy Vey what a predicament. Molly kept seeing commercials for MTV’s Movie Awards show, most notably she kept seeing who was up for Best Kiss award and she desperatley wanted her wanna-be boyfriend Robert Pattinson of Twilight to win. So began the onslaught of “please mom, can I stay up just a little bit??”. When I wouldn’t cave…sneaky girl went to “Mooooommmm, can’t you watch it for me then tell me who wins??? PLEASSSSEEEEEE, I will die if I don’t find out!!” Gah, she will be 10 this year and already she is gonna die alot if she doesn’t get her Robert Pattinson and Twilight fix.

So I thought I would shoot for Mom of The Year and watch this show for her. Fully expecting to fall asleep but then….then Bruno shows up. He is dressed as an angel and flying over the crowd. And then….oh then it gets great. There is a “malfunction” and Bruno with his white thongs and angel wings falls to the crowd, and lands on Eminem in 69 position. I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. I had tears streaming and cramps in my side. And Eminem was acting like a pissy brat and freaking out(don’t they always target Eminem at these shows?). So if you wanna see it….click here they got a vid and afew great pics.

I also saw the trailer for New Moon. Ok I haven’t been swept up by the trend. I haven’t even been too interested in reading the books despite Molly shoving them in my face. I have seen Twilight about 1000 times due to her sneaking it into the DVD every chance she gets. And as I watched the trailer I found myself enthralled. It helps that there is Jacob who buffed up for his role, omg did that help (sure hope he is legal or I just went into gross territory). So if your dying to see that, click here too!


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  1. LOL… almost makes me wish I’d been watching it. I stopped watching MTV a long time ago too…

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