Drag Me To Hell – Movie Review

Warning!!!! I will do my best not to ruin the movie for anyone but there may be a spoiler or two. If you don’t want to have anything about the movie revealed…do not read any further!!!


So I just got home from a night out with friends. It was much needed and I need to remind them for the 100th time how much I appreciate it. We are all fans of horror so naturally we went to see Drag Me To Hell. While in line waiting to get tickets my gal pal Tammy says “I heard it’s supposed to be like Evil Dead”. With Sam Rami as director…not really a shocker. But I was disappointed since I am most certainly NOT a fan of the Evil Dead movies. Yes, yes…I know….I must not be a “real” horror fan. I am, I am just picky about the ones I like. Well once we got 10 minutes in I realized this is NOT like Evil Dead. Far from it! Sam Rami had classic tense moments. The kind where I sit with both hands up to my eyes and I peer between my fingers. I spent about 80% of the movie like this. Even better were the completely unexpected moments. At one point in the garage without warning something comes flying out at a chick. I couldn’t help it, I screamed. And loudly too. Even funnier, my big burly bro Ben (not a blood bro) was right next to me screaming like a girl as well. This actually happened quite alot. So to all you mommas out there who have spit out 2 kids or more…go potty before you see this. Don’t want any “accidents” if you catch my drift.

Another important thing to mention is the gross factor of the movie. I have a low tolerance for blood and guts and other bodily fluids. Now I have to give credit for the nosebleed that soaks a guy. If anyone had honestly bled like that 911 should be dialed. It was hokey but still gross. But that isn’t what gagged me. There were scenes where I literally gagged and thought I might vomit. One involved seeing an old woman vomit maggots on a girl, another was a gear shift shoved into the old womans mouth and yet another involved a dead body falling onto a woman and green goo pouring out and all over the woman. I am getting gaggy just thinking about it.

Afterwards we all walked out and headed for the bathrooms. I hadn’t realized how jumpy I was until the self flushing toilet flushed. Yea, I jumped. We came out and couldn’t find our guy pals. We had assumed they went outside and I got suspicious that they were hiding behind something. Fortunatley for them they weren’t. BUTTTTT Heather and I decided to hide behind a wall while Tammy went back inside looking for the guys. All was going well until Ben figured it out, snuck up along the wall we were hiding behind and then jumped at us. Lil fucker spoiled my plans!!!! So we stood around talking for abit and some guy was walking behind me. I didn’t hear it until he walked on a metal grate that for some reason resembled a sound from the movie. I was about to run, pee, turned around, and knocked over a friend all at once just trying to see who was behind me. Boy did I feel like a dumbass. We then got into our cars and went on our seperate ways. I found myself carefully studying the road for any possible gypsy women who might suddenly be in front of mycar. I was fortunate, they must all be in bed lol.

So I enjoyed it, gagging and screams and all. I honestly want to buy it when it hits dvd.


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  1. Thanks! We want to go see this and the review helps! 🙂 Maybe this afternoon we’ll give it a go.

  2. Ohhhh let me know what you think!

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