A Few Not-So-Angry Words

So I appreciate the comments I got earlier on my ranting and raving post. I have had some time to chill and felt that everyone was due an update.

Yesterday is when hubs found out that they were leaving this morning for trip. And that is when the issue of who was driving came up. I had started out subtly interjecting how I felt about it. It escalated from there when I heard some of the excuses. I spent alot of time meditating last night trying to keep my temper under control, provide protection to hubs and his bro, and praying (oh let’s be honest…pleading) with Lord and Lady that they would intervene. By the time I got up this morning I was completely panic stricken. Rightfully so if you ask me. Shortly after venting, hubs came from the bedroom where had been preparing for the trip. He had called his bro who was struggling to get out of bed. Hubs said he would have me bring him to the farm to meet him. So I got my way…sort of. On the way out hubs said he was hearing me loud and clear. He feels stuck. His bro is pretty hardheaded and wants to still have some control in his life. Driving…as mundane as it is…is a form of control in his life. Hubs does not want to spend the entire time fighting with his bro, so he told me cannot promise me that bro in law won’t drive. I do understand this. This is where I get pissy with his bro. If he would just accept things as they come instead of fighting them tooth and nail maybe situations like this won’t come up.

Anywho when I dropped hubs off, bro in law was not doing well. He had a hard time walking to the car. So hubs is hoping that it’s enough that they won’t fight and he can take care of  driving. They have my inlaws van and I noticed that mother in law gave hubs the key…not to bro-inlaw. In the meantime I am going to do a binding spell to keep bro in law from harming anyone. I am also continuing with protection for them both.

I am somewhat releived. I heard from hubs earlier by text and I will hopefully hear from him again in the morning. He is going to be gone for a full week. Since hubs is convinced his bro is going to pass away while they are on the ocean, I am worried about the driving issue and I am worried for hubs dealing with that possible situation.

Gah, I am tired.


~ by alegna75 on May 23, 2009.

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  1. Glad that its worked out so far… and hope the rest of the trip goes well. I’m sorry yall are ha ing to deal with this though…

  2. I’m thinking of you and yours, and good for you for holding your ground. No one wants to waste precious time arguing, but in the end, nothing is worth losing more lives.


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