A Few Angry Words

I have a friend whom lost her father quite a few years ago. Her dad was a cop, stopped for a disabled vehicle on the side of the road. A man came barreling down this road and hit her father and the disabled vehicle. The man driving had no license and was high on oxycodone. He was driving his fathers car whom gave him the keys because he didn’t want to tell his son he couldn’t drive. The man had no license because of the countless DUI’s he had in the past. This man is still in jail…thankfully.

So here is why I am mad. My husband is leaving for a fishing trip with his brother this morning. Guess who is driving? His brother. Guess who is hopped up on oxycodone. His brother. And even worse, I seem to be the only person who sees a problem with this. I have this bad gut feeling that there will be an accident. And someone will die. ANd it won’t be my brother in law. I know it will be my husband and/or another innocent person on the street. Do you even know what it feels like to have that gut instinct and everyone else chalks it up to paranoia? “Oh, it’s no big deal…he has been driving for awhile. No accidents so far!” Bull fucking shit. What is it going to take for someone to take back their keys. He hasn’t been driving his own car but his parents’ vehicles! WTF? Suddenly no one has a backbone to tell him he is dumbass and not hand him the keys? Wanna know what the other excuse I get “Sean doesn’t care, he is gonna die anyway”.  Guess what bitches,….if what I think happens does happen…it isn’t Sean thats going to die (and not to be overly nasty but if he doesn’t care he could have taken care of things by now….he cares). Can he live with himself for another week or two knowing that he killed someone’s mother/father/brother/sister/aunt? OR even worse can he live with himself knowing he killed his own brother? All because he is too fucking selfish to figure out that he shouldn’t be driving?

And what kind of people allow him to do this? I mean seriously. If it was my car I would tell him to walk or I would drive him. DIdn’t lke it…too fucking bad. My husband and his parents can be caught up in some serious legal issues for being so idiotic. I love his parents but right now I can’t even look at them due to their stupidity. I really can’t.

SO I am sitting here bawling my eyes out cause not a dam person is hearing what I am saying. I get treated like a child cause I am “blowing things out of proportion”. And I just know that I am going to lose my husband this week and apparently my feelings don’t mean jack shit to anyone else. Lovely fucking feeling it is!


~ by alegna75 on May 23, 2009.

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  1. Oh I am sorry! That is not right at all. I hope nothing happens!

  2. I completley agree. the stupidity is outstanding. hang in there.

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