Books and Mags, Oh My!

My Circle of Isis book is here and I am so thrilled. I snuck a peek at a few pages and I am literally dying to go home and read more. Ever get that feeling, when you just read something that hits something deep in the soul? Yea….that’s exactly what is going on with me right now!

Also Modern Pagan Magazine will be debuting Wednesday May 27th!! I will be posting a link on Tuesday or Wednesday morning so that everyone who is interested can go check it out!

Tonight I got lots to do. I have been asked to be Treasurer over Spiral Scouts International and I have to prepare a letter for the board stating why I would be perfect as Treasurer. I am also working on an article about a very intense investigation I did in 2007. I also need to get back to spring cleaning since I am no longer stuck in a bed (wohooooo!) with strep throat. Oh it feels good to be feeling better and back to my busy busy little self!


~ by alegna75 on May 22, 2009.

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