Sick Again?

It seems that I have gotten sick more times this year than any other. Either that or I have selective memory. Since Friday I have had a massive sore throat, to the point that it is extremely difficult to swallow let alone drink or eat.  Since Saturday I can feel a lump in my throat. It feels like something stuck there. Drives me freaking batty. I can’t see it, can’t feel it (yes I totally gagged myself out of curiosity). My whole right side of throat is sore, my glands on the right are swollen and my right ear hurts like a mother fucker. I remember my son having ear infections. One of the frustrating things about it was he never acted sick, never pulled his ear, never did anything so I was clueless. How the fuck did my son get off so easy? All I want to do at this point is rip my ear off.

Since I have no insurance seeing a private doc is out of the question. We can’t afford it. SO I call the health dept, they can’t see me today. They suggest I go to a christian ministry clinic. Fine, only prob is they can’t see me until 5. Lovely. I just want a huge cotton swab shoved down my throat until I gag hard and they hand me some antibiotics. I haven’t talked in days. If it weren’t for texts I would have NO communication. GRRRR!

I will update later when I find out what it is. I am betting strep throat.


It is confirmed, strep throat. Pretty bad infection too. My right gland is about the size of a crabapple. You look at it and I cry in pain. So because it’s so bad I am on a soft foods diet. I swear if hubby buys me baby food I am hurting him. Just saying. I have antibiotics for 6 days and I should be doing much better within 3. However because of this I miss Alex doing handbells on Wed night, can’t go to mommies potluck gathering saturday, and hubs may have to miss out on fishing trip because I have to spend as much time as possible away from kids. That last one makes me feel super evil for getting sick. It’s the one thing he and his bro have been planning. So let’s hope that they don’t want to leave until Friday, I should be ok enough to handle kids on my own by then.

A little bit of humor. (1) I go to McDonald’s for a much wanted milkshake. Since I can barely speak and it requires me to lean in to people to make them hear me AND I am highly contagious, I wrote my order down on a peice of paper and went inside. The chick assumed I was deaf and began signing to me. The only sign I know is for thank you and eat. That’s it. I have no idea what she was saying to me lol. (2) We told the kids they couldn’t hug or kiss me. We said this as in “don’t touch momma or you will get very sick”. Now alex follows me around poking me whenever he can just to see if he magickally gets sick. After about 40 pokes to my ass and thighs he got bored and went to the couch to play with his nuts. Seriously.


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2 Responses to “Sick Again?”

  1. i hope you feel better soon….

    at least it isn’t mono, which they thought i might have….

    here’s hoping that hubs gets to take his trip!

    • ewww mono, so glad not that!

      I am improving quickly so I figure if his bro wants to go as early as tomorrow I am gonna kick him out and get him to go. BUT, he has an itch in the back of his throat so he is super paranoid that he is getting it. He is actually running out for some zinc/echinacea lozenges right this minute.

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