Making Those Lifestyle Changes

I am a carboholic. I love cakes, cookies, breads, and pastas. It used to be that I never read the ingredients label. And I mean NEVER.  In early 2006 I decided that enough was enough and I was tired of being overweight. So I tried Southbeach diet. It worked pretty well for my inlaws (they still eat right and its been about 5 years). And given my 90% chance of diabetes due to family history…..I needed to make that change. I did well. I lost 65 lbs that year. Then it all went downhill at Christmas time. Here I am with all of it back on the bod.

This past monday I started Southbeach again. So far so good. It’s been fairly easy  because I have been very determined to get through the first two weeks….the detox period. I can have some beans, dairy, all the veggies I want (and I hate most lol), lean meats. No breads, no pastas, no cookies, no cakes. No bad stuff. I have had the SB “flu” for the last couple of days. Usually those who keep up with the good carbs don’t get it but I think I have it because I am such a carb freak. You pretty much go cold turkey and well….it makes my body get weird at first. Hopefully come tomorrow I will be feeling better.

I can tell my tastes are changing. Some diet sodas that I treat myself to are getting way to sweet for me to finish. Most fast food places are starting to smell in a way that makes me nauseaus. With the exception of Bojangles. It just smells so good. But its ok, maybe next month I will treat myself to breakfast over there. But by then I may not.

For exercise I am diving into some spring cleaning like crazy. I work myself into a sweat. Tomorrow we get our garden area set up. I got a few plants that desperatley need to get into the ground. That part I cannot wait. I think it’s really going to make eating healthier easier by having items growing right outside and no need to buy it at the store. Sucks for the stores, but I really would rather be more self sufficient. Oh and other exercise, I have a friend who is doing bellydance classes with me. As of this upcoming week we will do it two times a week. And we will probably do some walking afterwards because we both found we were energetic post class. I might be able to get her to meet me sat mornings for more walking too. We will see.

I started out at 200 lbs. I have yet to weigh myself. I want to wait until my cycle is over (way to time that too….chocolate cravings have been rough!). I will feel like I can trust the scale more once I flush out fluids from bloating. Although today it seemed like my pants had some extra room in the waist. Not baggy by any means but a bit of more room. Or it was just my wild imagination lol. Will let you know soon.


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  1. awesome. wishing you luck! 🙂

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