Pictures of Beltane FINALLY!

I have been having an issue with my phone, it suddenly won’t let me email from it. Guess I need to head on over to Verizon to see if they can figure out why. I managed however to have them uploaded to photobucket and then save them to my pc. Except some are small cause I didn’t blow them up before saving them because I assumed i didn’t need to. Oh well!


This is the cabin we stayed in. It had two bunk beds and two regular beds. With those and air matresses we had 13 of us in the cabin. And it didn’t feel crowded!

making-egg-carton-dragons This is one of the many crafts they had going. Here they were making dragons with egg cartons and all kinds of other supplies. Kids also made wands, divination cards, poppets, and may flower baskets.

erecting-the-maypole Erecting the maypole. You know how many jokes one can make about poles, holes, and Beltane? ALOT!

prepping-for-ritual Some people prepping for the Beltane Ritual on Saturday afternoon.

finishing-off-the-maypole This is when we were finishing up the maypole. We had 15 ribbons (if you don’t know how to do a maypole dance it is HIGHLY recommended you have even number of ribbons) and it was a real big pole meaning most of us were exhausted and sweating like a stuck pig when we were done. I was doing the dance so I didn’t get a shot of it. That happened alot, no shots of the awesome stuff cause I was involved lol. Next year hubs is going and he has photography duty.

molly-pentagram1Proudly sporting her pentagram! It’s kinda hard to see since she wore red but it has a red stone in the middle. Alex loves it and so now he wants his own.


This has nothing to do with Beltane lol. We just got his hair cut yesterday and it’s freaking CUTE!


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  1. Looks like fun… Glad everything went well!

    • Thank you! We really enjoyed ourselves. Since this comes right after tax season, Kyle and I are talking about making this our family trip next year.

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