No News Is Good News

Today is the 3rd day Molly has worn her pentagram to school. I have to say that I think its cute she has found something that she adores beside the Cullen vampires. I thought for sure she forgot this morning since it was chaotic and time was running out, but when I checked our box it was gone.

The school hasn’t called so I am assuming that no one has a problem with it….or at least not enough to complain. And this makes me happy. Perhaps my view of this area isn’t as right wing as I had thought?

Can’t say that much for our recent trip to Wal-mart recently. I needed to find me a shirt for Spiral Scouts and some cheap flip flops AND groceries so it seemed like a right time to visit. Someday I am going to learn to stay away from there, really I am. Cause every time, I walk away wondering why I subjected myself to that place once again. And understand it’s not the stuff in there, its the type of people that shop at our store. Anyway I didn’t notice much other than the typical rudeness of people taking up the entire aisle and not understanding the concept of “Excuse me please”. As I was checking out the guy kinda confused me. He pointed at my ankh and commented that it was a beautiful cross. I smiled, didn’t feel any real need to correct him, and thanked him. He proceeded to tell me how he loved Russian Orthodox Crosses. I am not sure if he thought my ankh was a Russian Orthodox or not. Then he noticed my scarab ring. He said “Oh that scarab is absolutely gorgeous!”. Do you see where my confusion is? I assumed he didn’t know that I wasn’t wearing a cross but he knew the scarab instantly….so I would assume that one would know an ankh as well. Maybe, maybe not. Either way he was nice and I wasn’t bothered by him at all. The manager and checkout girl 2 aisles over where the ones I were ready to pounce on. Checkout girl pointed at Molly (who was completely oblivious) and the manager starts saying quite loudly “oh my god…is she wearing a….?” and caught me staring her down. So she never said it but I was secretly daring her to say something. I think she looked terrified. Not something I intended on doing…..I just don’t care much for a grown adult mistreating my babies. Mistreat me…I can take it. But my babies aren’t ready to defend theirselves just yet. It wasn’t until I was home until I found out that Kyle had been staring her down also. He was behind me, stands at 6’3″ and is really big. The manager was a short 5’4″….so maybe it wasn’t me that terrified her lol.

Recently Claire has decided to show an interest in paganism. Except she wants to be a Christian Pagan. I know that they exist…I just don’t know how to help her with that. Especially with my own personal biases over Christianity that I am finding are VERY hard to not interject on my children. So I made a deal with her. She could check out Spiral Scouts and if she likes it she can join. If she joins Kyle and I decided together just to put Alex in as well. They all have the freedom to quit at any time but I have to say that I am thrilled that all 3 are cool with being in there together and a part of me is thrilled that they may be pagan. The choice will still be up to them but I can see that I probably will be broken hearted if they choose another path. Hopefully I won’t be old, crotchety, and too set in my ways to be an ass about it.

Other updates, I am slowly moving in a new spiritual direction. I have relied heavily on my egyptian pantheon and deep meditations for the last few years. Since partaking in public ritual in the last 18 months I am finding that I really love ritual…particularly Wiccan ritual. Recently though I had noticed most public rituals I go to involve Celtic god/desses and maybe some Greek or Roman on occasion. IF egyptian were involved it was Isis and Osiris. This made me nervous since I don’t want to leave behind my egyptian ties. I certainly appreciate the other god/desses out there but what is in my heart is my egyptian pantheon. Fortunatley after some googling I discovered Tameran Wicca or Egyptian Wicca. For now I am re-reading Wicca For The Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham, just so that I can get myself back up to speed. Next week hubby is going to let me order Circle of Isis, a book that has been highly recommended for Tamera Wicca. And this excites me. I feel like I am embarking on something that has been meant to be for quite sometime and I have been ignoring it. let’s face it, I am not always a good little pagan. Sometimes I forget meditation….and sometimes is alot. I need more spiritual structure in my life instead of me doing alot around Sabbats and then slacking off until the next. So I intend on being more intune with my spiritual needs so that I can be a better me. What can it possibly hurt?


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  1. Glad to hear that there has been no troubles at the school (knocks wood!).

    People can be so darn ignorant sometimes!

    I like to mix up my pantheons, lol! Not all at once, but I do pick and choose from within a couple of them, mostly Greek/Roman and Celtic, with some Native American, Buddhist and Hindu thrown in now and again. To me, they all represent one god/goddess, so it’s okey dokey.

    I’m sure others would flog me for saying so, lol!

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