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So my bro-in-law is here. He got here last Sunday. While in the GA hospital they had put him on diuretics and an extreme low sodium diet in order to flush out the fluid that had collected in his abdomen and legs. They never told him when to quit taking the diuretics and even gave him more upon his release. They also informed him that when he got settled here that he needed tests done on his lungs to see if the cancer had masticized.

Monday he was rushed to the hospital. Ours wouldn’t admit him until the paperwork got here, the GA hospital took 3 hours to fax it over. Once paperwork was received they discovered that they KNEW it had masticized in the lungs as they found tumors in his lungs. AND he was not supposed to take anymore diuretics or follow an extreme low sodium diet upon his release. He was discovered to be severly dehydrated as a result of continuing the meds and diet. Needless to say…..we are pissed. I mean honestly it was nothing that would save his life but my mother in law administered his meds and took care of making sure he followed the diet and almost killed him as a result.

Anyway his prognosis is now considerably worse. Not only is it in his liver and lungs, its everywhere. His original 6mo – 1year life span has now decreased to 2weeks – 2 months. They expect that his liver will fail within the next two weeks. Once that happens we pretty much beleive that he will go quickly. He was released last night from the hospital and is settling in with my inlaws. Hospice is also coming out today or tomorrow to start paper work, living will, and in general making him as comfy as possible.

We found out something interesting about cremation. It is something he feels strongly about having done upon his passing. Here in NC he MUST file paperwork in order for it to be done. If not, his son will make the decision. His son is incarcerated, a drug addict with a huge chip on his shoulder, and hates his father. None of us want him to have that decision because none of us beleive he will make sure his fathers wishes are met. Upon learning this we are looking into if spouses can make the decision. I honestly prefer that I make the decision and allow Kyle to see that those wishes are met. I would think that my kids would but I don’t want them to have to deal with that. So all of this has brought on alot of discussion about what would happen to us and all of that. A nice hidden blessing amongst the chaos. So if you haven’t made a living will and will yet…do so. Seriously.

As if we have enough to deal with, we found out a friends sister has comitted suicide. Kyle had called them up to let them know about Sean and they were quite distant. When Kyle pressed them they stated they had some things going on and didn’t want to burden Kyle with more bad news. Kyle basically said “Look I just dumped my shit on you, dump your shit on me”….just in a nicer way lol. So they unloaded and Kyle feels horrible. He didn’t know the sister well and she has been out of state for quite sometime. But when you yourself have been getting nothing but bad news you feel guilty for turning around and dumping your own crap on someone else who has enough to deal with. Ya know?

On a lighter note I am going away for the weekend. Not sure how I feel about this since I am not driving and won’t be able to rush back at a moments notice. Molly and I are going to Beltane Brouhaha come tomorrow and we won’t be back until sometime Sunday. I am going to try and relax and have fun. And try hard not to think about things.


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  1. I’m really sorry to hear that. Hope your trip goes well…

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