Where Do I Start?

I had really hoped that this post was going to be super positive and all that jazz. We took a weekend trip to Tennessee. And it was great. We didn’t plan anything, just winged it. Originally we were going to stay one night. But hubs was so relaxed we stayed another.

Of course this ended when we got home. His brother wasn’t in town 12 hours before being rushed by ambulance to the hospital. He hasn’t been eating and the family is now worried he won’t make it through tonight.

I have had to make another painful decision. I have to withdraw from my classes. I cannot possibly concentrate on anything but being emotionally there for my husband who is going through all sorts of emotions. There is some family drama that is starting to come to surface and its causing even more hurt feelings on top of that. I can’t sit here and try to meet deadlines for work, deadlines for school, and then deal with all of this. So I am going to withdraw and it sucks major donkey balls. I am very frustrated because I am so very close to being done. But I can’t sit here and force this anymore and possibly fail a class. That would hurt my ego much more than having to be a grown up and say “I can’t handle this right now”.

I see my advisor in the morning to get the paperwork done. Then I am going to register for one class that they are offering online that I need. I am going to look at some of my options as far as doing online courses so that when crap happens I can still deal with it and get this freaking crap done.


~ by alegna75 on April 27, 2009.

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  1. thinking of you, babe. online classes only make it a little easier. i wish you the best of luck, though, and will keep you and yours in my prayers.

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