Need Help Going Green?

Everywhere you turn everything you hear or see is about going green.  In our household we have been taking steps in the right direction. Slow baby steps….but nonetheless we are trying to better things.

Two Brooms Up is hosting a wonderful giveaway to help anyone who needs a push, nudge, or encouragement to going green. You will have the opportunity to try out some Citrus Spray courtesy of Ecostore USA!

I checked out the site and I am encouraged by the prices. Usually it seems anything organic, all natural, or “green” gets an automatic jump in price. And I can certainly find items that are cheaper…but those items won’t be green.  Even if I don’t win the contest I am thinking about trying out some of the dish soap and/or laundry soap.

Anyway, sign yourselves up. It couldn’t hurt…right?


~ by alegna75 on April 20, 2009.

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  1. Thanks! We try to go green here too… and fortunately it doesn’t have to be the price jump that you mentioned. The only reason (err main reason) my husband goes along w/ me on it because you can save money by going green. We’re still in baby steps too of course, but finding it easier and easier to move along with it.

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