A Week Of Hell

The end of tax season is always hell-ish. We expect it. But this year was simply the worst of them all.

Sunday was Easter and I took the children to the Biltmore Estate for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. We had never been and I was meeting up with friends whom have 3 children as well (eerily same sexes in the same order  and same ages with the exception of my oldest). It started out as one of the best times. My phone died and I didn’t get to turn it off quick enough so I lost all my pictures from that day, otherwise I would post. My mother in law decided that afterwards I was to bring the children to her farm and she would keep them until the evening of the 15th. This would allow for Kyle and I to work as much as possible. As it was, he was working all day Easter. I dropped them off and went to the office to get a few non-tax things done to make lots of room for the tax related. Good thing I did.

Monday morning we get the call. My brother in law had been admitted into the hospital with possible psorosis of the liver. Mother in law decided she needed to drive down, can’t say I blame her. So the kids came home bright and early. Since daycare was closed this meant I could not be at the office at all. I ended up taking all 3 to see Monsters vs Aliens (good movie).

Tuesday oldest pukes and has diarrhea in the wee hours of the morning. I decide to allow her to stay home alone while Alex goes to daycare and Claire comes to our office. I simply could not skip work and I didn’t want her passing around a virus. I had no one else I could call. Painful decision but it worked out well. I called often to check up on her and she is still alive. I can’t say this will happen often though lol.

Wednesday, Claire wakes up puking and diarrhetic. She is only 7, accident prone, and lives in her own world. No way in hell do I leave her home. She must come to the office with everyone else. Meanwhile we get word that by now brother in law has had a total of 2 blood transfusions. My abilities warn me that it isn’t psorosis. What it was I didn’t know but I knew things were going to get worse.

Thursday I take the day off. I take the girls (who are doing fine and dandy) back to the Biltmore Estate to tour the castle. This is the day hubby gets diarrhea.

This morning in the wee hours, I get pukey. I stay home with girls while Kyle takes lil man to daycare and he goes to office. Today father in law heads to Folley Beach SC for his post-tax season trip. Mother in law is still in GA with brother  in law.We have no idea when she is deciding to leave. Then Kyle calls and I can tell something is wrong. He says he will talk to me later but something isn’t right. Finally he starts crying. His mother had called and brother in law has liver cancer. Some tests were ran and we are currently awaiting results to see if the cancer has spread to the lungs. If not they will cut a portion of his infected liver. Regardless, brother in law has made the decision to not do any chemotherapy or radiation. He will use acupuncture to manage the pain and possibly treat the cancer. We know it has been used before but we don’t know if it will be effective for him. All we can do is wait and see. He was released earlier and is heading to the beach to stay with inlaws. We are going down next weekend because hubs really wants to see his bro.

As of now I am emotionally drained and devoid. Part of that is because i am not around hubby to feel his pain. But it is also because I am just so exhausted from this past week I don’t think I have anything left in me to feel anything. I can see we are going to have a long hard road ahead of us.


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  1. Oh I am so sorry!

  2. wow. you’re in my thoughts.

  3. *hugs* Thinking about you hun

  4. Thanks to everyone! We are getting through it. Right now it’s just the initial shock since bro in law wasn’t having any health issues then suddenly he has cancer.

  5. I hope things are back on an upswing for you this week. ((hugs))

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