Adventures of A Saturday

Last Saturday was probably one of the most busiest days I have ever had in my lifetime. It began with me and the oldest waking up at 6:30 am to shower and eat before a birdwatching trip with her Spiral Scouts troop. We got there and despite the chill in the air it was a nice walk. I didn’t get any pics of birds as I left camera at home and resorted to using my phone camera (which is 5mp and gets pretty decent pics).



Just a couple things I saw in the bird sanctuary that I thought were beautiful. We saw a few birds. We want to go back when we can get around to getting some binoculars, would be a fun trip with the kids. After that we raced back to the office because I had some time before Molly’s physics class. I got our Metallica tickets for October. We got stuck with nosebleeders. I am pissed for now but I will make the best of it. At least I get to say I am in the same zip code with them.

After that we rushed off to her class. it was the egg drop experiment day. Very exciting. She had the right idea, but she used pantyhose to suspend her egg in the middle. Unfortunatley, her egg broke. The panythose were too stretchy.

Then we raced home to meet up with hubs and the other two whom were getting their hair cut. I talked to the hair dresser whom seems to think my kids are perfect angels (my kids? what?). Then we went to McD’s for lunch cause that is where the kids wanted to go. We were gonna meet friends for the big easter egg hunt down at Carrier Park. They got smart and chickened out. We went. It was so crowded I had to drop everyone off and go find parking….which I lucked out and got about a mile closer than anticipated. Anywho I found hubs, he wasn’t happy. The way they ran the kids ages none of our three were in the same place. So he went looking for the middle child, the oldest is a good girl so we let her go on her own, and I stayed with lil man. Whom proceeded to freak out and said screw egg hunting. There was a craft table nearby so he did some craft stuff and was happy. Hubby calls me. I can see him. He can’t find the middle girl. He had her, turned away for a split second and she was gone. Now she is 7…she KNOWS better. So I am freaking out but keeping calm cause lil man is with me. We find the oldest, she hasn’t seen lil sis. Kyle wants to look around….we are among 5000 other people. I have worked crowds like this, it ain’t going to work. I go straight to the guy with the microphone and tell him what’s up. He calls her name and she isn’t 5 feet away from me (but I couldn’t see her and I was dam well scanning that crowd!). So first we have a stern discussion (just shy of me throttling her) and then I start hugging her and crying cause I was convinced we would find her lifeless body in the nearby French Broad Park. After that we walk around a bit checking stuff out. Local police department was there with a car so lil man wanted to check it out. We all go over, he loses interest but middle girl wanted to sit in the car and play with sirens. As we wait she started talking to me about things I did not want to talk about.

C – “Momma, how old were you when you were a cop?”
M – “What? I wasn’t a cop.”
C- “Yes you were”
M – “No I am pretty sure I wasn’t a cop”
C – “But you had to have been”
M – “No….never was a cop”
C – “Then what are the handcuffs doing in your bedroom”
M – *Chokes on soda* “Oh babe let’s discuss that later, ok”
C – “Ok” *hops in cop car*

But wait…..I hear giggling behind me. I turn around fully expecting another mother who had unfortunatley overheard this conversation. I see a 6’7 buff ass cop. Whom is dying with laughter. Tears and everything.


So after this we chill on the grass for a bit playing with a frisbee we got at a table. We then decide to get some ice cream.


Finally we go home. Kids go play at the neighbors, hubs and i sleep. I get up, eat and head out to the cemetary for a fun night of investigating and socializing with my peeps. By the time I got home I was so exhausted (did alot of psychic work too and that makes me uber tired) I barely made it to bed.


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4 Responses to “Adventures of A Saturday”

  1. OMG!!! I can see one of my kids asking that!!! Are you hopeing she forgets to ask again?

  2. LMAO That is too funny. I can definitely see one of mine doing that.

    Did you guys find anything while you were out investigating?

  3. Oh man do I hope she forgets all about those handcuffs!

    The investigation was interesting. I did some EVP work that I need to get on the computer and really dissect because I think I got something just listening to it on the recorder. Once I get it on the comp I will know if its something debunkable. Psychically we got in another location. I have a friend that uses dowsing rods and he was able to validate every message I got. Always nice to have some sort of validation.

  4. Hilarious. Your own kids will sell you up the river without even realizing it………

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