I Survived!

So last night I FINALLY got to go to my first concert…and I didn’t have to go to Charlotte or Greenville SC to see it! I went to the Buckcherry/Papa Roach/Avenged Sevenfold concert. I love Buckcherry and Papa Roach music…Avenged Sevenfold I had not heard of before. I am glad I got to hear them, they totally rock!

This is the first concert to come to Asheville that is mainstream metal. We get country groups in at the civic center and then some big names over at the Orange Peel but never anyone that I would really want to see. The last group at Orange Peel that was remotely interesting to me was Smashing Pumpkins (no offense to SP fans, I like them I just don’t have a desire to see them live).  You would think a 33 year old woman finally seeing her first concert wouldn’t be so picky…..but I am.

Anyhow, the opening band was Burn Halo . Pretty good band. They rocked it and it pumped me up for the other bands. Between the 4 bands we had 3 intermissions while they were setting up stages and what not. So during those the guys from Burn Halo were selling autographed cd’s for $10. I grabbed one…listened to it this morning as a matter of fact and really dig them. I hope they make it, I really do. Tammy and I did get a pic with the Rythym Guitarist from Burn Halo. Pardon my camera, I used my phone and it’s not the best for taking pics but it was still cool.


Next up was Papa Roach. Now to digress for a minute, this was a general admission concert. So everyone who went down to the lower level would push and shove to work their way up. I sorta did this method. I wasn’t rude about it like some people, but if I saw a spot me and my cohorts did the grab and pull. I would grab one and start pulling. A few times I am not exactly sure what I was grabbing and decided not to turn around and find out (love ya Ben but not THAT much!). Anyway we managed to get about 15 feet from the stage. I did nail a pic, my camera (on the phone) for whatever reason makes it look like we are further away. Trust me, we weren’t.


As I said, I like Papa Roach. Now I love them. Seriously, they brought it and then some. It was AMAZING! The guys were engaging, they talked to us…interacted with us. You could feel they were feeding off of our energy and in return we fed off theirs. At one point they said they were definetly coming back. Maybe it’s bullshit…but I don’t think so. Something about the way he was reacting to us…maybe we really shocked the hell out of them?

So another set change took a few minutes. We started joking about the closeness we were having with strangers. Ben had commented that if he got any closer to the guy in front of him he would be a homosexual. He then started flicking his tongue at dude’s neck. Dude was TOTALLY clueless and caused just about everyone to crack up.


Buckcherry was up. The ones I had purposely came to see. Yea. They suck. Radio is all they are good for. They had zero personality. Hardly spoke to us. Felt more like they were gonna sing and dash. I know they only have so much time but jeesh…engage us a little. Hell lie to me and say you want to come back. About this time I was getting overheated, dehydrated, and on the verge of passing out. My feet were killing me too. So we left to get some water and sat down.

Now when Avenged Sevenfold came out I could not sit (which was in upper level anyway and I am scared of heights). As a matter of fact, I am not sure how anyone can sit through a concert when a great band is playing….and alot of people sat until Avenged Sevenfold came on. Anywho I like Aveneged Sevenfold. I am going to have to get some of their stuff. It was hardcore and awesome.

One funny story I must share. Some chick, during an intermission, got vaulted up into crowd surfing. However it only lasted as far as her group. When she got up to some strangers they just moved out of her way and she proceeded to hit the floor. She wasn’t hurt so feel free to laugh your ass off. I sure as hell did. Poor thing was embarrassed and rightly so. But it was still funny.

So there it is. My first concert experience. How ironic the one band that caused me to want to go didn’t live up to my expectations? Oh well, the other bands can be thankful they got a new fan who will want to see them live. And I do plan on seeing more bands live. But at least if I die tomorrow people can say I finally got to go.


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